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Joey Always Wanted To Get Fucked By A Jersey Boy Johnny Forza

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Johnny Forza, Joey Conrad

It's hard to believe when Johnny Forza first filmed for BSB, he was certain he was "one and done." Now look at him? Kissing, sucking and fucking like a champ. Today he's paired with Joey "Mr. Smiles" Conrad. Apparently the two have been hanging out before this scene, doing everything except "GTL" (gin, tanning and laundry). The cameraman wants to know how Joey is feeling about being ravaged by Johnny. "He's a good friend, so I'm always prepared to explore boundaries," Joey answers. There's some talk of Joey's fine ass, and Johnny presents it like a QVC product. "Like a little Lexus Texas right there," Joey notes, with his pants down and that booty facing the camera. More clothes are removed, and Johnny jumps on the bed. Joey sucks "d" first, doing his best to get his partner hard. Johnny slaps an ass cheek, and the sound echoes in the studio. "There you go," Johnny announces. "It's not bad. It's pretty nice." Who would disagree with that assessment? Joey is too busy sucking to pay any heed to the compliment of his backside. His tongue is working its magic because Johnny's sticking stick is ready to play. Watch how Johnny's thighs contract. That's a sign he's a happy camper. He's so happy he plants a wet kiss on Joey's mouth. "Oh, yeah," Johnny whispers. "Keep sucking it." Does anyone think Joey needs encouragement? LOL! Joey licks and laps like a cat at its milk bowl. Johnny offers him another kiss for all the effort. Soon it's time for the main course. Joey gets against the wall, sticking out his derriere for a well earned stuffing. Johnny puts on a condom and slowly enters. Once he's in, the long stroking starts. "Oh, my God," Joey whines as he gets a new hole. He gets more smooches for taking his fucking like a man. Johnny is going balls deep, each stroke making Joey's cheeks jiggle. The boys get back on the bed, with Johnny on his back and Joey rides away. Johnny's johnson splits Joey into two, but look at the ever present grin on the bottom's face. "Am I tight," Joey asks. When a bottom throws out that question, he's looking for more dick.:-) They switch to doggie. Joey grabs the sheets and moans, but he's in heaven. As for Johnny, he's all about wrecking newbie like ass. So much so he cums in the condom while in Johnny's mussy. "Looks like I came a little early," he says sheepishly. No worries though. Joey gives him a passionate hug and more lip lock. The contents of the condom are poured all over Joey's chest and stomach. "It was fun to fuck a Jersey boy," Joey says. Somebody is in love. Can you really blame him? :-)

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