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Straight Forza Bangs A Dude To Make Some Cash For Cars

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Blake Bennet , Johnny Forza

Johnny Forza gives his meat a tender tap. Blake Bennet's legs are bouncing up and down. When the cameraman wonders how the two performers are doing, Johnny gives a peace sign. All is good in his world. What about Blake? "Nervous as hell," Blake says. "Because I haven't taken a dick that big yet." When the cameraman says now is the time, Blake's legs keep shaking. He's not certain at all. Understandable, but everyone watching this update is more than ready for Blake to ride him some Johnny. :-) The Jersey boy has spent his BSB cash well; he's purchased a motorcycle. "It's gorgeous," Blake notes. Johnny has more things to buy, so he's back in our studios. Remember when he was certain he was one and done? :-) When the boys strip to their boxers, we get to compare their physiques. Neither would be booted out of a bed for leaving crumbs, but their differences are startling. Blake is a tan lithe lad. A doting grandmother wouldn't let him leave the table without multiple helpings. Blake is all mountain, his muscles defined under his pale skin. They don't touch at first. Instead they use their individual hands to preparefor the scene. Soon Blake leans over and takes Johnny's joint. Blake is a gentle sucker. He sweetly suctions, slurping along the way. As we all know Blake is a little bit of a romantic (grin), so he nibbles on Johnny's stomach and chest. He pulls away and the two look at each other before they kiss. You'll like this smooching because it's sensual and open mouthed. They stand up, still locking lips. Blake works his way back to Johnny's meat. "Oh, god," Blake moans. Johnny grabs his partner head and face fucks him. Blake loves that dick but can't keep from licking Johnny's torso. Can you blame him? :-) Johnny's knees buckle at one point, but he stands tall. Blake gets off his knees and there is another round of lip loving. The pair pull away from each other, and Blake heads for the couch. At first he gets on his back, but changes his mind and decides for doggie style. During the entire preparation, Blake keeps an eye on Johnny's rock hard joystick. "You've done this before, right," Blake asks with a chuckle. Johnny smiles. Blake is all grunts and moans as his ass is slowly pried open. His top is slow, but that's a lot of dick for any man to handle. "Fuck me," Blake groans. Maybe he shouldn't have said that because Johnny starts going faster. Blake holds on the couch's edge, breathing loudly and leaving teeth marks in the fabric. Johnny orders his bottom to get on his back. "Oh, easy. Easy," Blake says as Johnny tries to get back in. Blake's mouth stays open in perpetual surprise and desire. You'll be in the same states when you watch Johnny lean to give his scene partner a smooch. "Oh, fuck yeah," Blake groans. Soon all that prostate thumping proves too much for Blake. "Oh, I'm going to cum," he cries. He's a man of his word, a plentiful milky load hitting his chest, stomach and the couch! Johnny hauls his hose out and jerks until he too loses precious bodily fluids. :-) The boys are heavy breathing, soaking in that after sex glow. Johnny bends down and the pair kiss one more time. Has BSB found a new bottom-in-residence? :-)

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