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Jock Johnny Forza Barebacks Paul's Cute Ass Raw & HardAdd Movie to your Favorites
Johnny Forza, Paul Canon

Can anyone remember the last time Johnny Forza and Paul Canon were in a scene together? As the cameraman notes, at this start of this update, it was an oral scene. Paul, as usual, is fuzzy about the particulars. "I forgot that even happened, actually," Paul says. Don't worry, Paul. We have the evidence. :-) While we are on the topic of Paul, his long locks have returned! :-) The boys will be fucking today. Or to be more exact, Paul will be screwed by Johnny. No one seems pleased by this. "I'm here to do a job," Johnny says. And with that, both performers toss their clothes. Johnny gets on his knees and swallows Paul's flaccid sausage. That warm mouth gets Paul excited. He's only human. Johnny tries to deep throat, but can only handle so much meat. "Try to go all the way down," Paul asks. Johnny tries but gags immediately. Paul gives Johnny a romantic smooch for his efforts. The Garden State stud gets back to sucking, licking the head like a lollipop. He even looks up in Paul's face. It's time for the guy with the red lipstick tattoo on his backside to do the oral pole dance. He pushes Johnny on the edge of the bed and swallows what he must. :-) Unlike Johnny, Paul can deep throat, with no gagging. All of that johnson gets covered in Paul's spit. Johnny leans back and lets Paul do what he do. :-) Paul may misremember who he gives blow jobs to, but the stud knows his way around sausage. The studio is filled with the sounds of his lip smacking and Johnny's moans. There's some more tender kissing before Paul straddles Johnny. After the lube is put where it should, Paul sits on that fat tool. All raw. He goes slow at first, but then rides up and down like a pogo stick. Johnny tales control and pounds that sweet ass the way it was made to be. "Oh, fuck." Paul moans. He leans in for a kiss as his hole gets stretched. Notice how sweat starts to appear on Paul's thighs? Someone is working hard for his money LOL! Paul gets on his side, and moans instantly the moment Johnny gets back in. Johnny doesn't give his a bottom a chance to get used to anything. The strokes are balls deep and Paul takse each one. Doesn't he look sexy with that thigh in the air? :-) "Oh, yeah. Fuck," Paul whimpers. He puts his hand on Johnny's thigh to keep him from going so deep. But Johnny will not be denied his prize. The New Jersey hottie hasn't fucked like this before. He pulls put and cums on the sheets and Paul's thigh. The two make out as Paul strokes his nut, which covers his hand in milky goo. There are smiles at the end, but Paul will probably soon forget that he's never been busted this hard before. LOL!

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