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Romeo Penetrates Johnny Forza's Hairy Straight Man Ass Raw

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Johnny Forza, Romeo James

Bar the doors and hold on to your seats. Today's update starts with Johnny Forza and Romeo James in kissing mode!! As they swap spit, the two studs feel each other up. Shirts are removed. All this making out gives both woodies, apparent when they pull off their pants. Romeo stands on the bed, and Johnny gets on his knees. He opens wide so he can fit all of Romeo's rod in his mouth. As he sucks, Johnny looks up in Romeo's face. Romeo guides Johnny to his crotch. Spit and pre-cum coats Johnny's chin and lips. Romeo leans down for a smooch. He then gets on his knees to offer some oral love to the NJ stud. Romeo gives that johnson a full workout, even chokes once when the dick hits the back of his throat. Johnny leans back and lets Romeo do what he do. :-) Romeo offers a brief kiss, but quickly resumes his sucking duties. Johnny throws the Shakespearean character on his back. He lubes up his stick and slowly enters. Bare. Romeo grimaces, and curses, from the shock. Johnny could care less. He wants that ass and pounds ball deep. "Oh, fuck," Romeo moans. Johnny pulls that ass closer so he can make his mark. We all know Romeo's butt will be tingling for a few weeks. "Fuck me, cowboy," Romeo demands. Johnny doesn't need to be told twice. :-) Johnny gets on his back, but there's a kiss before the fucking starts. Romeo lubes up and gives Johnny's chiseled ass a good rutting. Johnny moans the moment those cheeks are parted. Romeo pumps away, slow and deliberate strokes. "How that feel," he asks. "Oh, fuck," Johnny moans. Is that your final answer, Johnny? Romeo offers a kiss for the pain, but keeps on fucking. Johnny strokes his meat, and his cum flies all over the place. Some of it even lands on his face. Romeo pulls out and his cum explosion surrounds Johnny's hole. There's a final kiss for good measure. So? What do you think?

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