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Jock Boy Johnny Forza Fucks Adam Baer's Tight Pink Hole Raw

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Johnny Forza, Adam Baer

The last time we saw Johnny Forza and Adam Baer together, they were fucking like mad in a pool. This time they are no where near water. They are sharing a bed and Johnny will get a chance, in this update, to pierce Adam's phat boot-ay. Clothes are dispensed with and Johnny sucks pole first. His mouth is stretched to the max by Adam's dick. He can't fit it all in his mouth, even though Adam is pushing his head down. Adam takes his chance with Johnny's johnson. His lips make Johnny's muscle thighs contract. Like the pro he is, Adam keeps the blow job juicy and wet. He even attempts to deep throat a few times, but the meat is too thick. Adam pulls up and places a kiss on Johnny's face. It's returned, but we need to get to the main event. Adam gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up and gets behind him. In a slow stroke, Johnny is in that hole. He fucks balls deep, Adam's butt cheeks getting separated by man meat. "Oh, fuck," Johnny says. Adam breathes loudly and curses when the fucking speed picks up. "Oh, fuck," he whimpers. Johnny keeps giving it to his partner, no matter the swear words coming out of his mouth. Adam's eyes are closed, as if he's trying to concentrate on something aside from his hole being made anew. Those butt cheeks do look sexy as they jiggle from the impact, no? LOL! Johnny gets on his back, and Adam straddles him. The camera gives a closeup as Adam's hole is re-stuffed. Those pale cheeks ride Johnny slowly, as if Adam needs to get accustomed to the intrusion. Johnny has had enough and takes over the fucking. He pistons into that hole, making sure Adam feels each stroke. "Oh, fuck," Adam whimpers. "Oh, yeah," Johnny says. "Nice and deep." The two lads kiss again, a bit more romantic than the first. Adam gets on his back, and Johnny goes in for a third time. Adam might be groaning, but his dick is hard. Johnny grabs those pale thighs and pounds away. "Oh, shit," Adam says. Adam grabs the sheets as he strokes his meat. All that pounding has done the job. "Here it comes," Adam groans. And he's right. The first stream of jizz lands right above his nipple. Johnny's load is next and the first cum shot lands on Adam's neck. He leans in for a kiss. When that is over, Adam notes how covered in man nectar he is. "It's everywhere," he says. Make sure to watch the requests the boys make at the end. LOL!

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