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18 Year Old Johnny Forza Loses His Teen Ass Cherry Popped

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Johnny Forza, Carson Hawk

Remember Johnny Forza's first solo vid? Of course you do! It's hard to forget anything about this hunk-o-man. :-) He was certain he had his fill with BSB and wasn't going to make a return visit. Lucky for us, thatproved to be just talk. Over the past four months his progression into man sex has been a sight to behold. Today, he will allow some hard meat to fill his man hole. Considering how Johnny took Carson Hawk's virginity, it's only fair for the curly-topped lad to pop the NJ's stud cherry. "Oh, I'm just psyched," Johnny says, with tons of sarcasm, when asked how he's feeling. This will be Carson's first time fucking a dude, but he does his girl in the booty. So he's familiar with the concept. The two start out kissing, tongues and everything. Clothes are removed during the lip locking. They stand next to each other and stroke their cocks. Carson hits his knees to suck first. When his sweet lips touch Johnny's pole, the Garden State stud immediately moans. "Keep sucking that dick," Johnny coos. Carson does and strokes the johnson at the same time. Johnny breathes heavily and grabs the blond curls. When he gets off his knees, Carson gives his man a kiss. Johnny then shows Carson how a cream bandit should be orally treated. "Yeah," Carson groans as he puts one hand on the bed for support. Johnny is breathing loudly through his nose, his slobber getting the hose wet. He comes up for air and gets another smooch. Johnny gets on his back as Carson puts a condom on his junk. He walks up and enters Johnny's hole. At first the NJ hunk only grunts, but when Carson begins to pump away Johnny gets loud like a virgin. "Tell me you like it," Carson demands. Johnny replies with moans and groans. "You like it? Don't you," Carson asks. Again just more moaning and groaning. Carson's strokes are insistent and persistent. He's going balls deep as he pulls those strong thighs apart. "Oh, fuck," Johnny whines. His butt hole might be stretched beyond the limit, but Johnny doesn't ask for mercy. He gets on his hands and knees, and Carson increases the speed. "You like it," Carson notes as Johnny whimpers. Sweat beads appear on Johnny's cheeks as he bites the proverbial pillow. "Fuck that hole," Johnny says. "Damn right," Carson replies. Alas, the scene ends with Johnny on his back, stroking his meat. When he's close, those flawless thighs start to shake. His load shoots straight up, landing on the sheets. Carson leans in and gives a kiss to our new bottom boy. So? What do you think? How is Johnny as a catcher? :-)

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