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William Klein Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 165
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.31/5

In his own words:

"I want to do this as a career and become a very popular porn star."

Our comments:

"William has very big heart, great sense of humor and is really dedicated to become a porn star."

  • Chase And William After The Scene

    Bottoming may not be William's favorite position, but he's willing to do it for a whopping $1200. And next time, maybe even again if his fellow straight boy is in a real tight pinch.

  • Training That Tight Hole

    Tattooed hunk William gets fucked by his doppelganger in one hot clip. The dildo stretched him out, but it's Chase's hard cock that spreads open his tight ass enough to fuck. It hurts a little, but William lets Chase pound him like the animals they are.

  • Chase And William Before The Scene

    William is desperate to prove he has what it takes to make it big in gay porn. And Chase is here to support him in any way possible. Especially if that means he gets to fuck him up the ass.

  • Nico And William After The Scene

    What did William think of this new experience? Is getting fucked for him? How did Nico think about giving it to a virgin asshole? The boys spill all their thoughts.

  • Straight Boy Takes One For The Team

    There's no better person to get fucked by for the first time than gentle Nico. He's not just young and hot, he's a gentle top with a beautiful cock. It's time for William's virgin ass to get a taste.

  • Nico And William Before The Scene

    It's no joke, William is going to take dick for the very first time. And what a dick he gets to enjoy! Young Nico is going to give it to him gently and they will make a good pay day for it.

  • Chase And William After The Scene

    William's motorcycle injuries didn't keep him from enjoying a romp with Chase. Thankfully, Chase power- bottomed the hell out of it and rode William's huge cock like a professional bull rider.

  • Chase Gets Fucked Hard By William

    Chase's hot butt jiggles as William fucks him like the straight guy he is. William shows off not just his pounding skills, but also his sucking, kissing, and ass eating he has learned along the way.

  • Chase And William Before The Scene

    Never together before, William and Chase with their hot, tight asses are going to suck each other's cocks. William is top again and gets to stick his donkey dick inside Chase.

  • Nico William Leo After The Scene

    William is breathing hard after his workout fucking both boys, while Leo and Nico are also worn out from the fucking and sucking. They all three earn big bucks and a shower after that scene.

  • Threesome Orgy Suck, Fuck Bareback Flip

    What else are you going to do when naked next to two other guys? Fuck 'em, obviously. Leo and Nico both take it up the ass while giving it to each other as well in the sexy return of the threesome.

  • Nico William Leo Before The Scene

    Leo's threesome premier was last time on BSB, and he's back again for another three-way cock sucking. William never bottoms, and Nico is a great switch. The three broke boys find themselves in a perfect combo.

  • Leo And William After The Scene

    It was hot and humid in the FLorida woods, as always. Leo and William saw some lizards and each other's snakes before sucking and fucking in the wilderness. It was Leo's first time with a rush like this.

  • Outdoor Suck And Fuck

    Off for the day, the boys go hiking in the woods. There's no one around, and they are covered by the lush Florida forest, allowing them all the privacy in the world to be their own wild selves, which for Leo and William, means blowing their loads.

  • Leo And William Before The Scene

    Even though William doesn't enjoy dick sucking, his skills have improved a ton. Unfortunately, not all the models showed up, so they get a day off to enjoy the Florida sunshine. Who knows, maybe the urge to play will strike these sexy young men.

  • Nico And William After The Scene

    With Nico earning the $1500 as bottom, and William earning $1000 for sucking cock, these two go home with fat checks and sweaty bodies.

  • The First Time Fucking

    Not wanting to suck cock, but willing to earn the money, William sucks and fucks Nico like a straight boy. Nico, in turn, takes the 9-inch cock up the ass with poise and moans.

  • Nico And William Before The Scene

    Young and innocent Nico meets William, full of life experiences already at 24 years old. The two have never bottomed. And Nico hasn't fucked around with a guy at all like this before.

  • Getting To Know William Klein

    The art-lover with a sensitive side is also tough, inked, and cut. William Klein has had a rough past, but is here to turn it around and make money to support himself and his family.

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  • gym6748 on 05/02/2023

    David, please read my comment under the scene with his last bottoming with Chase, if you will Thanks.

    • gym6748 on 05/02/2023

      It is on the after the scene comment page. Thanks again.

    • ChiOne2 on 04/02/2023

      How do you award, and I mean generously,

      • anonymous on 03/02/2023

        please have him bottom.

        • anonymous on 12/31/2022

          This guy got to go. Is this the best BSB can do? Very unfair to Leo & Nico.

          • anonymous on 12/17/2022

            Maybe he needs to be the bottom, that will fix his disposition!

            • gatocanada669 on 11/05/2022

              Not a good match for this site.

              • artsto on 11/10/2022

                Totally agree.