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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.3 (191cm)
  • Weight: 160
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 6.0 (15cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.29/5

In his own words:

"Just need to make some cash like the rest of the guys here."

Our comments:

"Kind hearted and just down to earth. We are happy to have him in the studio."

  • Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass 03-17-2017

    After they heat things up with some cock sucking, Cage dominates Chris's ass raw and hard...and by the sound of Chris's moans, he might not be able to sit down for a few days!

  • Vadim Takes Chris' Bareback Cock 02-26-2017

    Vadim takes Chris' bareback cock up his tight ass and Chris can't get enough of that hole! These guys fuck hard and cum harder!

  • Mikah Dominates Fucking Chris 02-17-2017

    Mikah and Chris enjoy some oral and when it's time to fuck, Chris bottoms for Mikah and takes that bareback cock!

  • Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor 12-11-2016

    Chaz and Chris have some amazing energy in this hot scene and they suck cock and fuck raw until they're worn out and their cocks are drained!

  • Chris Taylor And Lj Richards Fuck 12-02-2016

    Chris and LJ get a taste of cock as they 69, and when it's time to fuck they each get to take a dick in this hot flip scene!

  • Chris Taylor And Ryan Fields Fuck 11-13-2016

    We hope you enjoy watching Ryan and Chris kiss, suck and 69 before Chris offers his ass up to Ryan's thick shaft!

  • Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw1 10-26-2016

    Dakota and Chris make quite the hot pair, sucking cock and fucking bareback until Dakota cums deep and hard inside Chris.

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw 05-06-2016

    Zeno Kostas gives newbie Chris Taylor some pointers on how to be a Broke Straight Boy before he spreads Chris's legs and takes that tight ass!

  • Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Raw 04-29-2016

    Two newer guys, Levi and Chris, are in the studio today ready for some cock-sucking and raw ass- pounding action!

  • Tyler Griffin And Chris Taylor Flip 04-22-2016

    Tyler Griffin and Chris Taylor take turns getting fucked as they flip, making out and giving head then sticking each other with those big cocks!

  • Chris Taylor Fucks Ryan Fields Raw 04-13-2016

    We've got Ryan Fields in the studio to lead Chris Taylor through his first experience fucking a guy...and after the massive load Chris shoots, we're pretty sure he enjoyed Ryan's ass!

  • Chris Taylors First Oral Scene 03-27-2016

    Chris Taylor knows he can't do solo scenes forever, and we ease him into the idea of doing more as his partner shows him how good it can feel to get his cock-sucked by a dude!

  • Chris Taylor Jerks Off 03-16-2016

    We're breaking newbie Chris Taylor in with a solo scene first, but it seems this guy is a natural! We hope you enjoy his charming good looks and the huge load he shoots for us!

  • Getting To Know Chris Taylor 03-15-2016

    Chris Taylor is new to porn and we're excited to break him in! This straight college boy comes to us for some extra cash and to try something new, and we're sure we can help him with both!

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  • yt67hklp on 05/25/2014

    bring this dude back! Throw him with cage and dakota!!

    • caseydalpal on 06/01/2014

      tyler needs to fuck this boi

    • jtm09393693 on 04/02/2014

      yes, wow, awesome. bring him back to top n to bottom. he is hot