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Rowan Adams Fucking Chris's Tight Hole

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Chris Taylor, Rowan Adams

Rowan Adams and Chris Taylor make out and Rowan kisses and teases Chris’s sensitive nipples while he rubs the growing bulge in Chris’s pants.  They take a second to undress and then kiss some more as Rowan reaches Chris’s big dick and mouths it through his boxers, finally pulling them off and then getting himself naked too. They stroke each other’s cock, locking lips and running their hands across their naked bodies until they’re ready to kick it up a notch and get to fucking!  Rowan kneels on the bed, hold Chris’s legs apart and entering him slowly, giving it a couple tries before getting his bareback cock all the way in...that ass is so tight. 

Once he’s buried his dick in Chris’s ass, he fucks him hard and when Chris’s sore ass needs a break from Rowan’s big dick he pulls out and lets Chris suck his prick. Chris’s cock sucking turns into 69ing as Rowan goes down on Chris too, enjoying that oral before Chris climbs back onto Rowan and straddles him, riding his dick and taking that member until he busts a nut.  Rowan pulls out after watching Chris cum and drains his own dick onto Chris’s cock and balls, breathing heavy as he comes down from that amazing orgasm!

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