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First An Internal Cumshot Then A Cum Filled Kiss

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Chris Taylor, Charlie Maddoxx

Charlie Maddoxx and Chris Taylor take their time kissing, getting to know each other’s mouth as they make out.  But when Charlie gets on his knees in front of Chris, Chris gets to see what that mouth can really do as Charlie wraps it around Chris’s cock and sucks him off.   Chris gets a taste of Charlie next, flicking his tongue against Charlie’s sensitive tip before taking the full length down his throat, getting him hard between his lips as he licks and sucks that sweet cock.  When both these studs are hard and ready to fuck, Chris kneels on the bed doggy style and Charlie fingers his hole before filling Chris with his dick instead. 

Charlie gives it to Chris hard and raw, slamming into him while Chris plays with his own member, sinking forward onto his stomach as Charlie dominates him, fucking him deeper.  When Charlie wants a break from all that hard thrusting, he sits back and lets Chris ride him raw, his hips grinding against Charlie’s as his tight ass clenches around Charlie’s dick, moving up and down on that shaft.  The more Chris bounces his ass the closer Charlie gets to cumming until he can’t hold it back anymore and nuts deep inside Chris’s sore hole, his cock pulsing as he shoots his load inside him.  Chris pulls off and lets the cum drip out his ass as he works on his own orgasm, spilling his seed on Charlie’s chin and making him taste it before leaning in for a kiss and getting a taste of it himself!

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