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These Beach Boys Like Something Else In Their Crack

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Chris Taylor, Grey Donovan

Grey Donovan and Chris Taylor chat a bit before getting into the action as Grey leans in to kiss Chris, their wet lips the only sound in the room as they Grey works his way down Chris’s chest.  Pulling Chris’s pants off, Grey bends down to take that dick in his mouth, hungry for some cock as he deepthroats it and plays with Chris’s balls until he’s ready to get some oral in return.  Chris gets on his knees and teases Grey’s prick through his underwear before pulling them down to reveal that big dick, capturing it between his lips and sucking it hard. 

Grey pushes Chris’s head down, making him take every inch down his throat as Chris chokes on it, but Grey makes it up to him by rimming Chris’s sensitive entrance, his tongue swirling around that tight hole.  When Grey has Chris’s ass wet and ready, he lubes up and slowly slides his cock inside of it, taking his time so that Chris can adjust to his size as his ass stretches around that dick.  But once he’s balls deep, Grey can’t help but fuck that tight hole as Chris moans beneath him until they flip and it’s Grey’s turn to get pounded raw.  Taking him from behind, Chris gives it to Grey hard and deep until they flip again and Chris rides Grey’s cock until makes him cum, catching it in his mouth and then sitting up to jizz on Grey’s chest!

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