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Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Bareback

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Levi Jackson, Chris Taylor

Levi Jackson and Chris Taylor are both pretty new to BSB, but that lack of experience doesn’t stop them from making this a very hot scene…it makes it even sexier as they learn from and explore with each other. Their kisses lead to cock-sucking and Chris goes down on Levi first, gently taking Levi’s cock in his mouth and sucking it as he makes Levi grow with his tongue.  Levi’s up next to get a taste of Chris’s meat and he sucks that dick well for a new guy, pulling that sweet cock deep down his throat and making Chris hard. 

After they’ve had their fun with some oral, Levi lubes up and pulls Chris on top of him as Chris lowers his ass onto that hard cock, letting it fill him up as he lets Levi fuck him. They try another position with Chris on his back taking that hard bareback shaft as he strokes himself and watches Levi fuck him.  That tight ass is too much and Levi can’t hold back his cum any longer, he pulls out and unloads onto Chris’s ass and balls and Chris starts jerking his dick while Levi places kisses all over his body until Chris busts a big nut onto his stomach!

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