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Cory Is Going To Loosen Up His Bros Ass With His Manhood

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Chris Taylor, Cory Parker

Chris Taylor and Cory Parker lean in for some kisses, their lips pressing together as Cory moves down to kiss Chris’s neck, his eyes closing as Cory’s lips tease his skin. Chris pulls off Cory’s pants, exposing that huge cock, as he moves in to take it in his mouth, his lips wrapping around the shaft as he fondles Cory’s balls.  After treating Cory to that amazing oral, Cory gives it right back, taking care of Chris as he kneels on the bed and takes that dick in his mouth, playing with himself as he sucks on Chris’s cock. 

Cory deepthroats Chris’s dick, earning some satisfied moans from Chris as he grows harder on Cory’s tongue until Cory can’t contain himself any longer and lies Chris down on the bed, burying his cock in that ass. Chris moans as Cory takes him hard and deep, barely giving that ass time to adjust to his fat uncut prick before he’s slamming in and out of Chris’s hole, turning him onto his back to give him that bareback cock from a new angle.  Holding Chris’s legs open, Cory fucks him hard, showing no mercy as he pounds that ass and then pulls Chris onto his lap to dominate that hole until he busts in Chris’s ass, his thick cum dripping out of Chris and down Cory’s cock. Chris jerks his own prick until he nuts hard, shooting his cum across Cory’s face as he strokes out the last drops of his jizz and catches his breath after that intense ass-pounding!

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