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  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.31/5

In his own words:

"I am just an easy going guy that gets along well with everyone."

Our comments:

"We are happy to have Chandler join our team. We just can't get enough of his hairy chest and handsomely rugged looks."

  • The Making Of Kaden And Chandler 03-08-2016

    Take a peek behind the scenes at the making of Kaden Porter and Chandler Scott's steamy scene together!

  • Kaden Porter Fucks Chandler Scott 03-02-2016

    Chandler Scott gets his ass pounded hard by Kaden Porter's bareback dick, and we're sure you'll enjoy all the cock-sucking and foreplay that get these guys going!

  • Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott 02-21-2016

    Abram Hoffer doesn't know Chandler Scott too well, but once Chandler start sucking Abram's cock, Abram knows one thing: he wants Chandler's ass on his dick!

  • Four Is More Fun 02-05-2016

    Tyler Griffin, Gage Owens, Chandler Scott and David Hardy fuck hard and raw in this sexy foursome scene! Enjoy as these guys take turns with each other and then take turns with Chandler!

  • David Hardy Fucks Chandler Scott 02-03-2016

    Chandler Scott gets his ass dominated by David Hardy who fucks him hard, raw and deep and then Chandler gets a mouthful of cum!

  • Vadim Black And Chandler Scott Raw 01-24-2016

    Enjoy this sexy flip scene starring Chandler Scott and Vadim Black sucking cock, eating ass, and fucking raw and hard until they both drain their big cocks!

  • The Guys Watch Vadim & Devon 01-16-2016

    Recently, our own Vadim Black and Devon Felix were featured on a reality TV show, and we get to watch along with our models as they react to the show! Take a look at this raw and real BTS first look.

  • Jesse Avalon Fucks Chandler Scott 01-15-2016

    Newbie Jesse Avalon gives it to Chandler Scott raw and hard, and Chandler takes a pounding from the new guy until they both shoot their load!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott 01-03-2016

    Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas get each other warmed up with some sucking and rimming, and then Chandler gets his ass pounded by sexy Zeno!

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer 01-02-2016

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • Chandler Scott Tops Zander Floyd 12-27-2015

    Chandler Scott and Zander Floyd are both quiet guys, but that just means they don't waste time on small talk and they get right to the fun stuff! Enjoy these guys as they fuck, suck, and drain their big dicks!

  • Chandler Scott And Austin Andrews 12-16-2015

    Chandler Scott and Austin Andrews each get their ass pounded in this hot flip fuck scene! Enjoy these guys as they fool around and bust a nut!

  • Chandler Scott And Jason Sterling 12-06-2015

    Chandler Scott and Jason Sterling take their fuckfest to an outdoor setting today, just to keep it interesting! Watch these guys get it on in the barn like the animals they are!

  • Brice Jones And Chandler Scott Raw 11-08-2015

    After some kissing and oral, Chandler Scott gets his ass stretched by Brice Jones's huge cock and gets fucked raw and hard!

  • Devon Felix And Chandler Scott Raw 10-18-2015

    Devon Felix gives it to Chandler Scott in this sexy scene full of cock-sucking and ass-fucking action!

  • Chandler Scott And Gage Owens Raw 10-04-2015

    Gage Owens is back with the sexy Chandler Scott who is about to show him a good time! After this raw ass-pounding, you can bet Gage will be leaving sore today!

  • John Henry And Chandler Scott 09-27-2015

    Chandler Scott gets fucked hard by John Henry's bareback cock in this sexy update full of sucking, rimming, fucking, and loads of cum!

  • Chandler Scott And Danny Cannon 09-06-2015

    This scene is full of hot action as Chandler Scott puts his bareback cock into Danny Cannon's tight ass and fucks him until both of these studs are covered in cum!

  • Dustin Jaxon And Chandler 07-24-2015

    Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott are about to get a little kinky with a sexy 3-way! These guys get down and dirty until they can't hold back any longer!

  • James Andrews And Chandler Scott 07-12-2015

    James Andrews gives it to Chandler Scott hard and raw in this new update! Don't miss the hot action as these boys get hard and horny!

  • Brody Lasko And Chandler Scott 06-26-2015

    Chandler Scott is about to get his virgin ass fucked hard by Brody Lasso! Brody has no mercy on this newbie as he gives it to him hard until they both shoot a huge load!

  • Dustin Powers And Chandler Scott 06-21-2015

    Dustin Powers and Chandler Scott are both still getting used to fucking a dude, and while Dustin is having a hard time with oral and kissing...he sure knows how to give it to Chandler and finish on his face!

  • Chandler Scott And Justin Riggs 06-07-2015

    Chandler Scott gets to fuck Justin Riggs today, and he takes full advantage of that sweet ass as he rims it and fucks it until they both cum!

  • Chandler Scott And Drake Tyler 05-31-2015

    Drake Tyler and Chandler Scott heat things up in this sexy scene full of cock sucking, ass licking, fingering, fucking and so much more!

  • Getting To Know Chandler Scott 05-16-2015

    Today we introduce the newest BSB, Chandler Scott. See what brought him to the studio and what's keeping him wanting to come back as he answers some of your burning questions!

  • Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott 05-13-2015

    Ryan Fields is back in this cock-suck-fest with the newbie Chandler Scott. After Chandler masters taking a cock in his mouth, we'll see if he can handle one up his ass...but for now, enjoy the oral!

  • Chandler Scott Jerkoff & Cums 05-06-2015

    Help us give Chandler Scott a warm welcome as he makes his debut here on BSB in this sexy solo scene! He is an outdoors man at heart, today he gets to massage his meat and shoot his load on himself.

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  • coco57 on 10/28/2017

    Love Chandler Scott, glad he lives in my area.He is a mild manner guy and accessible. He also can take 9 inches and not blink an eye. Please bring back.

    • manin617 on 01/22/2017

      bring him back please

      • gchal00 on 01/15/2017

        This guy is a god. The body hair is a must. BSB is one of the few major sites left where we can see men as they were created. Body hair every where. I hate seeing shaved dudes. I don't want to watch child like or shaved MEN on camera. Men don't have hairless penises and aholes. It is very disappointing to see total shaving and when Sha tells a dude he digs his body hair, dude needs to pick up the clue. Please. I'm too disappointed seeing my hairy studs show up shaved like prepubescent boys in their second or third scenes. Don't get it at all.

        • alwaysclose on 08/02/2016

          Yes! Just got an advertising email about upcoming scenes and Chandler Scott was in the picture (although they have him shave off his chest hair :-(. He's still my favorite of all time. Handsome, quiet, but having that honest "boy next door" intense sexuality. I couldn't build a more perfect man. If only I was young again and know what I know now. Sigh....

          • gchal00 on 01/15/2017

            Sorry man. Didn't mean to contradict you in my post above. We all have preferences. No offense meant or intended.

          • Hockeyman39 on 04/18/2016

            A great pairing would be Chandler Scott & Brandon Evans together on a switch fuck. Each one fucking the other & back again too!. :)

            • coco57 on 04/06/2016

              I miss Chandler Scott, with his easy going ways and politeness. I would love to see his hairy chest again real soon. The fact that his first sexual experience was with his best friend, only makes him even more hotter to me. Please come back Chandler your missed.

              • cubbie2491 on 02/27/2016

                Chandler is ruggedly handsome, has an amazing body, and a quiet, sweet demeanor. Love his body hair, something we don't see a lot of on the site. The guy can take a dick and has a freaky side. Love your work, Chandler. Keep coming back.

                • blue69 on 02/13/2016

                  Love, love Chandler. He seems very comfortable with his sexuality. He is an asset to your website!!!!!!! Very versatile

                  • robin500 on 01/22/2016

                    I think this guy is gorgeous he sexy masculine great body wouldn't mind a session with him.

                    • Spartans987 on 06/22/2015

                      Great chest and I am warming up to his personality more after each scene he does


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