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It's Not Gay If You Get Paid Says These Straight Boys

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David Hardy, Chandler Scott

David Hardy and Chandler Scott make the perfect pair for a hot scene, and these boys sure heat things up quickly! They make out, kissing each other hard and then David explores Chandler’s body with his tongue, running it along Chandler’s nipples, underarms, and every kinky place in between. They undress each other and Chandler’s mouth is on David’s cock, sucking it for a minute before David pushes him off and takes Chandler’s meat in his mouth, sucking that sweet cock and rubbing it with his hand. 

David bends Chandler over on the couch and licks his ass, taking a break from the rimjob to lick Chandler’s balls and cock before going in bareback!  David drives his cock in deep, fucking Chandler raw as David positions him just how he wants and claims that tight ass!  Chandler watches as David dominates him, pounding him hard and fast, taking Chandler’s cock in his hand and jerking it while David fucks him. The deeper and harder David goes, the closer Chandler gets to draining his cock until finally he strokes his load out and then goes down on David, letting David cum in his mouth…but Chandler makes sure David gets a taste of his own jizz too!

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