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Bros Show Each Other Their Tattoos Before Having Gay Sex

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Zeno Kostas, Chandler Scott

Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas do a little show-and-tell with their tattoos, taking off their shirts to show each other what they’ve got, and that’s when Zeno moves in, kissing Chandler from behind and making him crave Zeno’s expert lips.  They make out for a minute before Zeno is on the move, working his way down to Chandler’s cock and then yanking those boxers off and taking Chandler’s sweet dick in his mouth. 

Zeno sucks and deepthroats that dick, not afraid to get a little messy if it means his partner is enjoying himself, and Zeno’s skilled tongue has Chandler hard in seconds!  They switch and Zeno gets his cock sucked, but when he’s had enough oral he bends Chandler over and fingers his hole then rims Chandler’s tight entrance before lubing up and fucking it! 

Zeno slides his hard shaft in and out of Chandler’s ass, going faster as Chandler’s ass stretches around Zeno’s long, fat cock.  Chandler gets on the all fours, taking Zeno’s dick doggy style, then flipping over onto his back and grabbing his own cock to stroke while Zeno fucks him. Chandler yanks on his dick until he drains it all over himself, and Zeno pulls out and add his own cum to the pile!

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