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Nico And William Before The Scene

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Nico has been enjoying the beach, and William has been having fun with the big as hell iguanas. They are both back, and have already had a scene together. So to change it up, the boys get a big offer from the studio.

What about William being bottom?

To prepare for the potential of this, William has been working with a dildo to get his ass accustomed to the feeling of being full. He doesn't love the sensation, and he is certainly taking one for the team. But Nico's first time getting fucked was by William, so this is a good way to share the experience.

Nico is gentle when fucking, so he will be kind to William when he tops him. But it's no joke - this really is William's first time getting fucked. And he will get a solid $1800 if he does it. A bit nervous but willing to give it a try for the right price, William is going to do his best to take Nico's great-sized cock.

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