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Benjamin Tries To Go Easy On Charles Owens But Cant Hold Back

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Benjamin Dover, Charles Owens

Benjamin Dover makes sure to treat Charles Owens nice and gentle at first, kissing him softly and then letting Charles take his time to explore Benjamin’s cock with his mouth, tackling the huge size as best he can.  Benjamin rewards Charles for being such a good boy by giving him head next, pulling that dick in and out of his hot, wet mouth and toying with Charles’s hole before getting up to kneel on the bed and align his aching prick with Charles’s ass.  Pushing into him slowly, Benjamin fills Charles to the brim with his huge cock, making Charles cry out as he inches deeper and deeper and then starts to fuck him good and hard. 

Benjamin wraps a strong hand around Charles’s neck as he fucks him raw, turning Charles onto his side to take his tight hole that way as he pounds away into that sore ass.  But when Benjamin turns Charles onto all fours and takes him from behind, he goes harder than before, giving it to Charles and making him moan as he bottoms for Benjamin and takes that fat cock.  Benjamin doesn’t last much longer as the feel of Charles’s tight hole is too much for him and he pulls out to shoot his cum across Charles’s back, pushing back into his ass long enough for Charles to finish, his milky seed staining the bed as his body shakes from the pleasure.

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