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Axel Green Fucks Ben Dovers Tight Ass After College Class

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Benjamin Dover, Axel Green

Benjamin Dover treats Axel Green right as they make out in bed, Benjamin flicking Axel’s nipples with his tongue as he rubs that big package in Axel’s shorts.  Benjamin kisses down Axel’s abs to that big cock, pulling it out and wrapping his hungry mouth around it.  Sucking on that shaft, Benjamin works Axel up until he’s rock hard and Axel pushes Benjamin onto the bed to give him head.  Benjamin’s fat cock disappears into Axel’s wet mouth as he works that big dick then turns Benjamin over and gets a good taste of his sweet ass as he rims that tight entrance and licks that taint and balls. 

Axel stands up and pushes his cock into Benjamin’s ass, dripping wet with his spit, he goes deeper until he’s got Benjamin filled up inside.  Once Benjamin’s ass is stretched around Axel’s cock, he climbs on his lap and fucks himself with Axel’s raw prick then turns onto his side and lets Axel take the lead again.  Axel pounds Benjamin harder, giving him every inch of his dick as Benjamin takes it all and grabs for his own dick, stroking it faster as Axel tops him.  Benjamin’s big dick is squirting hot cum in no time as Axel fucks it out of him and then pulls out of that ass to unleash his load onto Benjamin!

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