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Benjamin Dover Bends Over And Takes Ryan Parks Cock

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Benjamin Dover, Ryan Parks

Ryan Parks and Benjamin Dover share a few hot kisses before Benjamin is on his knees with Ryan’s cock stuffed in his mouth.  He works that dick until it’s hard and then enjoys some oral from Ryan’s skilled mouth.  Ryan sucks and deepthroats Benjamin’s huge shaft before turning him around and tasting that ass, rimming and licking that hairless little hole until Benjamin’s begging to get fucked. 

Standing behind him, Ryan slides his throbbing hard bareback cock into Benjamin’s just-licked hole, pushing balls deep as Benjamin takes it all.  As Benjamin warms up to Ryan’s size, Ryan fucks him faster and harder, holding that ass in place so he can drive his prick in and out, turning Benjamin onto his back as he pounds him raw.  Ryan wraps his strong fingers around Benjamin’s dick and jerks him off as he slams into him over and over, filling him with that thick shaft until both these guys cum hard, moaning as their blissful orgasm overtakes them.


Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Benjamin Dover and Ryan Park.

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