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Married Straight Guy Fucks Ginger Boys Tight Teen Ass Raw

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Benjamin Dover, Ethan Erickson

Benjamin Dover doesn’t need an introduction as he gets busy with Ethan Erickson, making out on the bed as Ethan reaches for Benjamin’s cock.  Ethan tugs Benjamin’s shorts off, exposing that cock before it disappears into his mouth as he sucks on it.  Ethan gets a taste of Benjamin’s balls too, reaching down to pleasure his own cock as Benjamin fucks his face, pushing him onto his back so he can go down on him.  Benjamin slides a finger into Ethan’s asshole as he works that prick with his mouth, warming that ass up before he pushes his cock inside and fucks him raw

Bending his legs up, Ethan takes Benjamin’s fat cock, getting pounded as Benjamin has his way with him.  Kneeling on the bed next, Ethan bottoms for Benjamin as he gets spanked and fucked until his cock is dripping cum all over the bed.  But Benjamin isn’t done with him yet as he gets Ethan on his back and fucks him some more, making him cum again, hot jizz covering Ethan.  Pulling out of Ethan’s thoroughly fucked ass, Benjamin stands up and lets Ethan taste himself on Benjamin’s cock before Benjamin shoots his load onto Ethan’s face.

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