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Kaces Ass Gets Stretched By Married Guys Thick Cock

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Benjamin Dover, Kace Axel

Benjamin Dover makes Kace Axel squirm as he hits all his favorite spots while they kiss, working his way down to Kace’s cock and teasing it through his boxers.  Benjamin gives that dick some attention before Kace leans forward to 69, sucking and licking Benjamin’s shaft too.  Benjamin stands up at the edge of the bed, pulling Kace toward him and having him suck on his fat cock before eating and rimming Kace’s tight little hole.

After Benjamin explores Kace’s ass with his mouth, he pulls him around and takes that ass with his raw prick, fucking deep into Kace as he holds him in place.  Kace moans as Benjamin pounds him harder and faster, pulling Kace’s hips back and spanking that ass while he dominates him.  Turning onto his back, Kace spreads his legs wide open to take every inch of Benjamin’s rock hard cock as he plays with his own member. Benjamin fucks Kace until he nuts hard and then Benjamin pulls out and jerks his dick until he’s covered Kace in his hot jizz!

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