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Birthday Boy Gets Birthday Surprise & Gets Fucked

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Nico Nova, Ashton Silvers

Nico and Ashton begin on the edge of desire as they kiss and touch each other on the teal-colored bed. Ashton rubs the birthday boy's cock through his shorts as he kisses Nico's chest, sides, shoulders. Laying Nico on his back, Ashton removes Nico's shorts and teases his nipples with flicks of his tongue. Nico frees his own cock from the confines of fabric to stroke it while feeling Ashton's mouth on his chest. ""Do you like that?"" Nico asks. Ashton responds by placing his lips on the tip of Nico's raw dick and then quickly taking his whole length down his throat. Removing his underwear completely, Nico's naked body is sprawled on the bed. Ashton's tongue and lips massage Nico's rod and balls until he chokes himself with how deep Nico's raw cock slides in his throat. The birthday boy asks Ashton to go deeper, all the way down just one more time. Ashton doesn't disappoint as he takes the full length of Nico's cock into his throat again. Pleased with a fulfilled birthday wish, Nico takes off Ashton's shorts, lays him on his back and begins to kiss and lick all over his chest. In Nico's kinky fashion, he places his hand on Ashton's throat as he teases him - kissing everywhere on Ashton's body except his dick, hidden in anticipation under his underwear. Nico uses his lips to tease Ashton's cock through the fabric. Ashton's big cock springs free from its linen constraints and Nico is pleased to see its exceptional size. Excitedly, Nico takes it all in his mouth, slaps his cheeks and lips, and then deep-throats Ashton's large dick. To show his enthusiasm, he murmurs ""That's a good cock."" - a sloppy display of satisfaction as Nico rubs Ashton's penis and testicles, getting it hard and ready to stick into Nico's wanting ass. Nico, the birthday boy, makes a second wish - to be facefucked by Ashton's huge, raw cock. Nico lays on his back with his head over the edge of the bed as Ashton obliges, lowering himself into Nico's mouth. The thick, throbbing cock goes easily down Nico's throat as he chokes lightly and touches himself with another birthday wish granted. Soon, Nico makes his final birthday wish - to be hardcore fucked by Ashton's generous cock. Moving to his hands and knees, Nico positions his body, bending over, displayed and ready for Ashton's dominance. Nico lets out a moan of pleasure pain as Ashton's large cock slides into Nico's asshole. The birthday boy is finally getting what he's really wanted. Ashton pulls Nico's hair and breaths heavy in cadence with Nico's moans of pleasure. Ashton slaps Nico's ass, grips into his hips, and pounds even deeper. Nico turns over onto his back and takes Ashton in again, this time watching as his cock pulses in and out of his tight hole. Nico's breath catches when Ashton places his hand on his throat - this pleases the birthday boy and he holds onto Ashton's wrist in gratitude for Ashton pounding faster and faster. ""Pound that ass."" the birthday boy moans through gritted teeth. Nico places his hand on Ashton's hairless chest and bites his other arm to muffle his moans of pleasure. Ashton grips Nico's cock and balls when his cock goes deeper and grows bigger as he nears orgasm. Nico's moans turn to a tightened scream as Ashton's huge, raw cock reaches its climax. Nico grabs his own balls to massage while Ashton holds Nico's legs to the bed, slipping his cock out and spreading Nico wide to unload onto Nico's cock. Not yet satisfied, Ashton puts his cock back into Nico's tight ass and gently pulses as Nico touches himself in rhythm - enjoying the tightness of his ass being filled while his hand massages his cum-covered dick. The two lay next to each other as Nico cums over himself thinking of his X-rated birthday gift. Please comment below on this scene. We need your feedback.

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