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Double Or Nothing Lets Fuck Bareback In Ths Ass

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Mikey Allens, Ashton Silvers

After placing a bet to see who would win (and who would top), Ashton comes out to be the winner, and wants Mikey to collect his debt now. Mikey keeps his promise, and he puts Ashton’s cock in his mouth. Ashton throws his head back in pleasure as he gets sucked off by Mikey. He loves being sucked, and also likes to please too, so the two switch and Ashton sucks Mikey, to Mikey’s liking.

Before Ashton gets inside Mikey, he eats his ass first. Mikey starts moaning hard as Ashton swirls his tongue around his hole. He goes from moaning to grunting when Ashton slides his cock in and pounds him doggy style. Ashton loves how Mikey’s tight hole feels around him, which gets him to pound harder. He flips Mikey on his back and goes in deep. It feels so good to Mikey that he busts his load while getting fucked. That pushes Ashton over the edge, and he shoots his load on Mikey’s chest, claiming his victory.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Ashton Silvers and Mikey Allens.

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