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Straight Boys First Time Fucking Bareback With No Condom

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Ashton Silvers, Brian Star

Brian's tight, twink body against Ashton's muscular form heat the room as they make out in their underwear, rubbing each other's cocks. Ashton has taken the newcomer under his wing - and into his mouth. He plays with his own hardening penis as he initiates Brian with his lips. Soon, Brian is laying down with his cock fully erect, filling Ashton's throat while he plays with Brian's balls and grips the base.

The student leans his head back in a new-found pleasure of another guy's mouth on his cock. Ashton rubs Brian's taint with a finger, and cups his smooth balls in the palm of his hand. "Your turn," says Ashton, before he stands beside the bed, his fat cock prepared to enter Brian's mouth. The teacher grips his pupil's hair and thrusts down past his tonsils. Then he instructs Brian to suck his balls. As any good student will, Brian channels all of his curtain-call nerves into sucking cock, forcing Ashton's phallus even deeper into him. Smiling whenever he comes up for air, Brian enjoys the string of spit that connects him to his trainer. Ashton begins to push harder and deeper into Brian's throat.

Being the supportive instructor he is, Ashton directs Brian to now suck him off as he lays down on the bed. Kindly obeying, and enjoying every minute of his learning experience, Brian presses his lips against Ashton's flesh stick. Using his tongue to apply pressure to the bottom side of his penis, Brian licks Ashton from base to tip - cycling between practices of deep-throating, licking, and rubbing.

"It's easier for me if I sit and you ride me," the coach initiates. Brian grabs the lube and squats over Ashton's cock. Nice and slowly, he guides himself down into his very first dick. Ashton's tip fits nicely into Brian's opening. He moans in the pleasure pain of his asshole stretching wide for the fat girth of Ashton's cock as he lowers further down onto it. Up and down he gently moves, in and out on Ashton's thickness. "So big..." he moans. Deeper with each pulse, Ashton feels his student's tight, virgin asshole opening up to accept him in. Brian's cock sways in a circular motion as he rides his first-ever cock. Eyes rolling to the back of his head, he braces himself against the pillows underneath them, allowing Ashton to determine the rhythm of the fuck. His huge dick fills Brian's small hole, Ashton grabs his trainee's throat, enjoying the result of his student's hard work.

It's time for a new position, the instructor guides. Brian lays on his back, his eyes squinted in the pleasure only felt when a cock enters an untouched hole for the first time. Ashton, enjoying the tight sensation, gives his pleasure away with slight moans. The good teacher he is, Ashton grabs more lube to make his cock slide even smoother into Brian. His balls dangle as he pumps gently, yet firmly, into Brian, rubbing Brian's cock. Ashton's cock fills him to the brim.

Readjusting his hips on the pillow for the perfect angle, Ashton gyrates his hips as Brian masturbates his cock. It is the moment his hard work pays off - Brian bursts in excitement as an explosion of cream drips down from his stomach to his chest. Ashton pulls out and cums on his student as well, rubbing his cock for a job well done. Thanking his coach for this first-time experience, Brian sucks Ashton's dick one final time.

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