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Nico And Brody Before The Scene

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Two dreamy, soft-spoken boys in black shirts? Yum. Today is the first time they've met, and they didn't even coordinate their corresponding black shirt attire. Brody is back after a tour of other studios, but keeping up with the clean eating. Nico gives away his guilty pleasure of eating junk food through an adorable smile.

The boys enjoy working with at the BSB studio, and are really relaxed working with the other guys around. Off in his touring with other studios, Brody enjoyed particularly being tied up and being a 'rope bunny.' Nico would only be willing to give such kink play a try if he knew the rope rigger and isn't too tightly tied up.

Today, though, there's another kind of play. The one where Brody takes a super beautiful Nico cock up the ass. He's naturally hairy, so add manscaping to Brody's list of upkeep tasks. Today the boys are shooting for $1500 a piece to go towards their grocery budget. Or maybe clothes. Or car insurance. Their first kiss on screen alone is worth a chunk of change.

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