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Getting To Know Nico Max

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He's got a baby face and a man's cock, Nico Max might find a whole other level adulthood in the Broke Straight Boys Studio. Nico is 19 years old and has a 7.5" uncut cock to show off, he identified himself as a straight guy during high school but since he has been experimenting to find his sexuality.

Florida is his home state, graduating in the midst of COVID, he didn't get to enjoy the traditional ceremonies of the high school senior. While he was pretty sporty and popular during high school with the girls, Nico started testing his limits with guys. Online dating apps lead him to his first experience with another guy in his car in the park. Making out and playing with each other's cock was all he experienced for his first time. The super sexual Max is lead to the porn industry because of the opportunities to gain more experiences and money.

Perhaps in it for the long-haul career, Nico is ready to explore. "See where it takes me," he casually shares about his desires to enjoy this first time ever doing something like this. His youthful innocence also allows Nico flexibility outside the boxes of pre-defined sexuality. In South Florida, there's still a social stigma around being gay, so no one knows Nico is at the studio.

He heard of Broke Straight Boys as a gay site local to his area, so he was excited to see how he could contribute to the content stream. A bit nervous, Nico Max hopes the members like his scenes and enjoys his twink-boy self with a big cock.

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