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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 195 (88 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.46/5

In his own words:

"You want my weapon, dont ya?"

Our comments:

"Chasen is straight, has a girlfriend, who doesn't know he is doing porn, and has been exploring his sexual boundaries."

Producer comments:

"This straight boy was showing to be a power bottom and it didn't seem to bother him that he was being treated like a bitch."

  • I Got Paid $600 To Suck Some Dick

    Diesal and Chasen are back in the studio. I ask them some questions about living straight lives and doing gay porn. Interesting answers. These guys are huge with size 14 shoes and big cocks.

  • Guess Who Goes To Titty Bars?

    Chasen is back and I asked him what he does with the money he makes here and he told me he goes to titty bars with it. I put him in a scene with Diesal.

  • Tyler's Cousin Does Gay Porn

    Tyler's cousin comes in to do a solo scene. We always love referrals and I think this guy will be good.

  • I Can't Believe I'm Sucking A Cock

    Mike and Chasen are in this hot scene together. Remember Mike is gay and here to help Chasen who has never done anything with a guy.

  • Surfer Does Gay Porn To Buy Boards

    Chasen and NU are in this scene together. These broke straight boys need money. See what they do to pay the bills.

  • My Jaw Hurts From The Oral Still

    Mikey is complaining his jaw hurts from the oral scene that he did last time he was with us lol. So I am going to take it easy on him and have him fuck Chasen.

  • When It Becomes Hard It's A Monster

    An older shoot with Shane, Nu and Chasen. Chazen's cock is very intimidating when soft because it is so big. See what I get these 2 to do with his huge cock.

  • Co-workers Do A Gay Threeway

    Chasen and Mikey are co-workers and we put them in this hot three way with Mike. See what happens and how far Chazen goes to make some money.

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  • peterpecker3 on 11/06/2017

    Mr. Chasen Hart!! want more? He did more after BSB! Google Chasen Hart for your viewing pleasure. STR* with a girlfriend, I don't think so unless that gf was Rusty Stevens!!

    • coco57 on 10/19/2017

      I wish Chasen Adams would come back some day. And show us how experience he is now.

      • LanceHarrell on 01/13/2013

        Chasen is so Hot!!!! I am from Texas too....