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Connor Fucks Johnny's Straight Boy Hole RawAdd Movie to your Favorites
Connor Taylor, Johnny Hunter

Hot guys Johnny and Connor burst in the room ready to pounce on each other, with Johnny leading the way by pinning Connor against the door to lock lips with him. He remains dominant to Connor, kissing him while having him pinned, until Connor takes control and slams Johnny on the door to eat his ass. Down on his knees, Connor goes to work putting his tongue around Johnny’s hole. With an aggressive look in his eye, Johnny grabs Connor by the arms and throws him onto the bed, pinning him down while sucking his dick.

Connor loves getting his dick sucked, as his eyes roll back and he grabs Johnny by the back of his neck. Hungry for his dick, Johnny gets on the floor and goes upside down, spreading his hole for Connor to go in. He pounds Johnny hard while standing over him, lowering his dick deeper into him while Johnny moans. They then get on the bed and begin fucking doggy style.

“Gimme that thick ginger cock!” Johnny demands Connor as he thrusts into him. When Johnny flips on his back, he feels himself getting close as Connor continues to fuck him hard. A few strokes later, and Johnny is busting a thick load on top of his chest while he’s still taking it deep. Before long, Connor pulls out and releases a nut all over Johnny. What a hot time.

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