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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 115
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.41/5

In his own words:

"I'm a nudist with an exhibitionist streak in me. I'm proud of my body and feel most comfortable in the nude. You're only young once so I'm livin' my best life!"

Our comments:

"Johnny loves to help us in the kitchen. He's actually a master baker. No seriously, he's in school for pastry chef and he's sweet as pecan pie!"

  • Johnny And Richie After The Scene

    Richie definitely loves to top, and Johnny kicked off his birthday weekend enjoying his dick. Find out what these two think about the scene.

  • Richie Fucking Johnny's Tight Hole

    Richie can be tender and tame, and Johnny is extroverted and outgoing. Opposites attract when the boys make one another feel good.

  • Johnny And Richie Before The Scene

    While Richie tells us about his traveling plans and kayaking, Johnny tells us the origin of his social media account. Find out which of the guys want to top the other when we put these known guys together.

  • Johnny And Jesse After The Scene

    Johnny pounded Jesse hard and made some cash, just in time for his birthday. Jesse is saving for a house, and tells us how his girlfriend likes to watch his porn scenes.

  • Johnny Fucks Jesse In His Butt Raw

    When hot, athletic blonde Jesse gets into bed with Johnny, it's only a matter of time before he has Jesse pinned down to the bed. But Johnny likes to call the shots too, and is very good at it

  • Johnny And Jesse Before The Scene

    When we get Jesse back to pair up with Johnny, we find out just how opposite they are. But their differences only deepen the chemistry these guys have for each other, which is strong enough for Jesse to want to bottom for Johnny.

  • Johnny And Charlie After The Scene

    Charlie is still hard after he topped for the first time. Johnny thought he fucked him so good, to the point where Johnny could’ve cum earlier than expected. We chat with the guys after a hot scene.

  • Charlie Fucks Johnnys Hole

    Charlie is back, and is instantly attracted to Johnny. The southern gent knows how to please, and shows Johnny a good time.

  • Johnny And Charlie Before The Scene

    Charlie returns to us after going through some money issues. Johnny is ready to help him out, and also ready to be Charlie’s first bottom too…

  • 3 Way After The Scene

    Our three hot guys lay on the bed and talk about how hot threesomes are. Aiden loves being in the middle and enjoying it all. Connor reveals he likes older men, and Johnny smirks from being able to top.

  • Connor, Aiden And Johnny 3 Way Fun

    Connor and Johnny are back, but this time Aiden wants a piece of the action. Watch as the boys take turns giving each other oral, before Johnny takes it from both ends in this hot three-way scene.

  • 3 Way Before The Scene

    Connor and Johnny return to us, ready for round two. But when Aiden walks in the door and turns things up, things begin to get very interesting.

  • Connor And Johnny After The Scene

    Johnny remains fascinated by Connor’s large dick after being fucked. Connor is astounded by how easy Johnny could take it. They give us our thoughts.

  • Connor Fucks Johnny's Straight Hole

    The heat turns on as hot ginger Connor and bottom Johnny pin each other against the door, pleasing each other orally. Connor shows Johnny his large, thick cock, before fucking him hard on the floor and the bed.

  • Connor And Johnny Before The Scene

    Connor and Johnny talk with us on the couch about their sexual experiences and fantasies. Find out who did it in the park, in broad daylight where people passed by.

  • Aiden And Johnny After The Scene

    Johnny tells us how it felt doing a move he calls the “Johnny Pretzel”, and which situations he will be the top in. Aiden tells us what position he likes more, and they end with a shower to continue the fun.

  • He Gets Sausage For Breakfast

    When Aiden asks Johnny what he wants for breakfast, he quickly realizes that he’s the one Johnny wants. Johnny sucks Aiden’s dick nice and deep, before Aiden takes over and makes Johnny’s ass his for the taking.

  • Aiden And Johnny Before The Scene

    How does Johnny react when Aiden shows him all of his balls? We find out when the boys sit down with us and chat, before their clothes come off…

  • Johnny And Lucas After The Scene

    After a smoking hot scene, Johnny reveals to us his favorite position. Is Lucas the biggest cock he’s ever had? Find out as we catch up with guys before they hit the showers.

  • Riding His Cock To Pay The Bills

    Today we welcome back Lucas Ryder, a sexy young man paired with Johnny Hunter who is ready to suck some dick before fucking an already hard cock!

  • Johnny And Lucas Before The Scene

    We catch up with hot twinks Lucas and Johnny, who are doing a scene together for the first time. Find out who almost got caught fooling around by their mom, and who never had a “bed head”

  • Masyn And Johnny After The Scene

    After the two boys have sizzling hot, aggressive sex, we get their thoughts on how they connected. Find out if Johnny is completely exhausted, or if he has another round.

  • Shut The Fuck Up Bro

    Masyn takes out some aggression on Johnny in this hot, dominant scene. The guys start with some innocent oral pleasure, and leads to Johnny being pinned down and fucked hard in the ass.

  • Masyn And Johnny Before The Scene

    Team PlayStation or team Xbox? Find out who likes what when athletic Masyn and blonde twink Johnny catch up with us.

  • Hugo And Johnny After The Scene

    Johnny and Hugo just finished their scene, and as these two catch their breath after a good fuck, we get their thoughts on it!

  • Twink Gets Some Army Boy Action

    Johnny takes Hugo's long, thick cock up his ass after sucking him off and getting him good and hard. But Johnny's tight hole is a lot to handle and makes Hugo cum all over!

  • Hugo And Johnny Before The Scene

    We check in with Hugo and Johnny before their scene starts and find out what these sexy guys have been up to and if they're ready to have some fun!

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  • cnygayboi on 01/03/2021

    I am confused. Basic Training says it is Johnny Hunter. Looking at Johnny Hunter's page, Basic Training is his sole BSB film. Yet the write up for Basic Training say Masyn Thorne. Yet the film does not appear on Masyn's page...