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Connor Fucks Kade Hard And Raw For His First Time

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Connor Taylor, Kade Kadence

Kade and Connor couldn't appear more opposite, with Connor's fiery-red hair and slim, hairless body. While Kade's head, beard, and muscular body are covered with beautifully-dark hair and tattoos. But opposites attract, and the way they kiss each other and make out on the bad while removing their clothes one at a time will make anyone swoon.

Going for Kade's nipples, Connor's lips kiss him softly but deliberately. They swap spit and tongue as Kade takes Connor's cut-off jeans down past his ankles. Connor returns the favor, laying Kade back and returning to the kissing of his body, stomach and chest. Eyes closed, Kade can feel Connor fondling his nut sack through his underwear, teasing his cock harder until his mouth reaches his half-erect dick.

"Fuck," Kade moans as Connor, unshyly, covers Kade's cock with his mouth. The massive dick is hard now, feeling the wetness and sucking. Connor is a master, soaking Kade's member is saliva with each passing of his tongue from base to tip. Ready to show off his own cock-sucking skills for the aim at $1000 or more, Kade turns Connor over and mimics his own movements on him - kissing down his chest to arrive at the cock laying in wait for him. He sucks the red-head quickly while pulling at his own cock to keep it hard and ready. The two cocks play with each other, using the friction at the tips to tease the other.

Getting rimmed from behind, Kade offers Connor his cock and balls too. Now he has a buffet in front of him to lick and suck and play with any way he desires. Rubbing the cock while sucking the balls and licking Kade's hole, Connor enjoys the intensity of pleasure he is providing. The power bottom - or so he may be - pulls Connor's head a little more towards his asshole in display of excitement.

Two fingers slip in, one after the other, before Connor slides his entire lubed-up cock into Kade's ass. For the very first time, the top is transitioned to bottom. He takes Connor's cock with a contorted face and loud "fucks" as he feels the raw dick slip in and out of him. A mix of new pleasure sensations and withheld anticipation of pain, Kade breathes and moans with an arched back.

It seems the only word Kade can remember is 'fuck' as Connor slides yet again into him. His eyes closed and mouth open wide with moaning, Kade seems transported to another dimension, feeling the hard cock pound him faster and deeper with each stroke. Connor kisses him, taking a momentary break before continuing to fill him with his big penis.

The two kiss again, exchanging heavy pounding for sensual pulsing, before Kade returns to his knees and receives the surprisingly-powerful top again. His balls caress the mattress as Connor slides into him again and again - an animalistic instinct taking over as he mounts Kade to assert his passive dominance. Connor begins to moan as he builds himself up to the point of blowing his entire load onto Kade's asshole, cum spilling down his crack before Connor sucks it off. Not getting his fill yet, Connor takes Kade's cock - pulling and tugging until Kade has to take over and roughly brings his own body to a matching orgasm.

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