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Straight Boy Noob Gets Help From Gay BoyAdd Movie to your Favorites
Jordan Grant, Giovanni Napoli

I had a returning model Jordan, straight, has a girlfriend, broke, a college student from New Jersey. This was going to be Giovanni's first shoot with us and in front of the camera. He was 19, gay, broke, and a big fan of the site. Giovanni explained that he knew Dustin a previous model that did some work for us hat told him all about what he would have to do. Jordan was going to have his first blow job by a guy, and he was fine with that. When we had spoke on the phone to setup the shoot I asked if he would be open to giving oral to a guy for the first time and he said yes. I asked Jordan in front of Giovanni if he would take it up the ass, he said no, but that maybe after he got comfortable with the oral he would see about doing more. It sounded like Jordan at least was open-minded, and that is always a great thing with new models. Talking about the money I made it known that they were going to make the same amount for doing the shoot, but that if Jordan gave oral that he would make more on top of that. He said that he would think about it as the shoot got started. Moving things along I told them to take off their shirts so that we could get a look at them. Standing up they stripped off their shirts, and I told Jordan to leave his hat off so that we could see his naturally curly hair. Looking at Jordan's body he had a very nice six pack, tone, white boy, and just looked like a young frat boy. Giovanni had great abs as well, V cut lines, lean, and rich skin color. Finishing stripping down out of their clothes they got naked for us, and were left standing there in front of the camera. Facing each other I had told Giovanni to start to touch Jordan's dick, but they weren't really listening and both guys did. Jordan was touching his first cock, and both guys were just lightly touching. Having Jordan show off his ass I had him turn around to show his nice, round buns to Giovanni. When he turned back around to face him, I told Giovanni to start giving head. He pushed Jordan down on the couch, who sat back in a comfortable position with his legs wide apart. Then, Giovanni took a position next to him on the couch in a doggie style position. Grabbing a hold of the cock in his hands, Giovanni started to put the cock into his mouth. As the blow job began, Jordan was very interactive by rubbing Giovanni's body over with his hand. Squeezing his ass, rubbing his back, and became pretty vocal as well. Jordan's cock was getting harder, and he was enjoying the head he was getting. He put his hand on the back of Giovanni's head and that is always a good sign. Giovanni was very good at giving head and made the straight guy want more. I attempted to see if Jordan would give oral to Giovanni with him being in such a good state of mind. Right away he said sure, and then I told him that he would be making more for doing it. He said that he had a lot of bills he had to pay. Switching things around Giovanni took a seat on the couch, and Jordan got down on the floor. Jordan put the dick in his mouth to start, and with this being his first time he really didn't know what to do. He was sucking, licking, and using a little bit of hand motion with the oral. I told him to just working on getting as much dick in his mouth as possible. Sure enough that did the trick. Jordan went down more, and Giovanni loved it! Moving up onto the couch, Jordan was in the doggie style position so that we could see his body and see more of the sucking action. For Jordan's first time he was doing an awesome job at everything he was doing, and he just kept giving oral. Stopping the guys I had them sit next to each other on the couch jerking each other off. As they were sitting there I asked if they would kiss. Without even hesitating Jordan turned to look up and moved right in. The two started locking lips and using some tongue action as well in the kissing. This really seemed to get Giovanni turned on and so the two went on to just jerking off next to each other. As they seemed to be getting close in getting off, every once in a while Jordan would reach over and rub Giovanni's body with his hand. This led me to believe that he liked the body contact with another guy. He let out that he was close to cumming and within a few seconds he shot his load all over his hand and some of it got down on his thigh. As he had came, he kept his eyes on Giovanni's cock. Afterward I moved over to Giovanni who seemed that he too was close to getting off, he gave me a warning that he was about there. He shot his load and it was a big size that was very runny, and clear. I asked Jordan if he would bottom, and he still said no. I let it out that Giovanni liked to bottom, and asked if he would want to get fucked by Jordan and he said yes. Right away, Jordan turned and said, "Really?" After hearing that it sounds like we might have another shoot on our hands, but you will just have to stay tuned to see what we have for you next.

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