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Giovanni Napoli & Jordan Grant Fuck Hard

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Jordan Grant, Giovanni Napoli

I called Jordan back to see if he wanted some more work, he had just done a duo scene where oral was involved with another guy and he did great. Since he did so well, I wanted to see if he would take things one step further. I didn't give him any details over the phone, and just told him that he would make more money than the last time he did a shoot. Sure enough that's all he needed to hear and we setup a time for him to come by the studio to do a shoot. The other model I was going to pair him up with was Giovanni, and I told him to be prepared to fuck or get fucked in the shoot. A couple days later the day of the shoot, both models arrived on time and we just went right into the shoot room. I told Jordan that he was doing a great job, and that the reason I didn't talk money with him on the phone was because I wanted to see what he would do. In talking to Jordan I told him that my hope for the shoot was that he would bottom for the first time and let Giovanni top him. If he did than he would make a whooping $1500 for doing the shoot, otherwise if he only would top he would make $1000. His reaction was that he didn't want to take the dick up his ass, but that he would top for the lesser amount. I could tell that he was really thinking about bottoming as an option though. We talked about how if he started topping and just found that he didn't like it we would stop, but he wouldn't make the full amount for doing the shoot. The first thing they had to do was get undressed. Both guys stood to strip out of their clothes as the articles of clothing hit the floor Jordan seemed to be in a hurry. He was first to be naked and by the time he was fully stripped, Giovanni was just taking off his shirt. Giovanni gave him shit for being horny and wanting some ass. Taking a seat back down on the couch, the guys started playing with themselves, and it wasn't long before I asked Giovanni if he would give head to Jordan. Getting up and repositioning himself sideways on the couch Giovanni took the straight boy's cock and put it in his mouth. Giovanni was able to get Jordan hard with only going down on him for about a minute and Jordan even talked a little dirty. Jordan seemed to bite his lip and sat back in amazement from how good of a blow job he was getting. Keeping with things Giovanni even moved down to the floor in front of Jordan just for something different. I asked him after a while if he was ready to fuck, and his immediate response was yes. Both guys hopped up and got ready by changing the couch into a bed, and putting on a condom. Giovanni positioned himself in a laying down position on the bed on his stomach and spread his legs wide apart. Jordan moved in behind him and directed his dick towards the hole. Pushing forward his dick was swallowed up by Giovanni's tight asshole. Jordan working on building up his speed and his roughness as the two of them fucked their brains out on camera. As Jordan seemed to forget about where he was and start enjoying the moment he really got into the fucking. He pounded the hell out of Giovanni and the two of them talked dirty the whole time. After a while though I had them change position just by Giovanni getting up on all fours. Jordan made sure to pull back on Giovanni's hips and this caused them to make a lot more smacking noise which made for a better show. Jordan seemed to like the ass and how aggressive he could get with Giovanni that I asked them to get in one more position before they both blew a load, and that was to have Giovanni on his back. The two stopped and moved around, and were able to pick up right where they left off. After what seemed like only a couple of minutes, Jordan let out that he was getting close to cumming. I reminded him not to bust a nut in the condom and he quickly reacted. Pulling out his cock he stroked off for only seconds before he came right on Giovanni, dripping his load all over the place. After that Giovanni took a minute to get hard and then he too shot his load on his stomach and both guys were able to get off. This was a great shoot, and I hope to use them both again here in the future for more shoots.

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