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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.4/5

In his own words:

"I can't say I really pictured myself doing these kinds of things."

Our comments:

"Jordan is from New Jersey, but was down in South Florida going to school working on getting a business degree. He shared that he hopes to one day open his own restaurant, but until then he has to work and finish school."

Producer comments:

"Jordan here is "curious" and if you notice all of the scenes he ended up in, I think it's safe to say we helped satisfy those curiosities."

  • Jordan, Mike & Scott 01-13-2010

    Jordan, Mike and Scott are in this hot 3 some. I can tell you one of these guys is going to get fucked and that this is a hot scene.

  • Preston, Mike, Jordan 11-09-2009

    Ok we are done messing around with these boys. One of these guys is going to get fucked.

  • Jordan & Scott 10-14-2009

    Jordan is back in this hot scene with Scott. See what we get these guys to do for money.

  • Giovanni Napoli & Jordan Grant Fuck 10-03-2009

    I called Jordan back to do another scene. He did well in the previous scene so I wanted to take it a step further. I put his in a scene with Giovanni. I decided to get one of these guys fucked in this scene and I was successful.

  • Jordan 09-30-2009

    This is Jordan's interview shoot and it went well. It must of been that great smile because he got the job.

  • Jordan & Scott 08-01-2009

    Jordan and Scott are new broke straight boys. Check out what they do in this hot scene.

  • Stephen & Jordan 05-09-2009

    Stephen is back and this time in his first action scene. Check out what this broke straight boy will do for money.

  • Giovanni & Jordan 05-02-2009

    I had a returning model Jordan, straight, has a girlfriend, broke, a college student from New Jersey. This was going to be Giovanni's first shoot with us and in front of the camera. He was 19, gay, broke, and a big fan of the site.

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  • ridercocks on 10/13/2017

    I think Jordan should come back and join all the new sexy Pretty Boy's. He seems to love tearing that ass up; especially HOT PRETTY BOYS! I know I've always wanted him to just throw me around and tear me up like he did Giovanni! It is so HOTTT especially since I don't have a lot of experience getn threw around it looks like it'd be so damn pleasurable and fun! Gotta Try it! He's not the only one but I just love the way he takes what he wants and makes it fit however it needs too! Love Ya Jordan cum n hit this ass anytime!

    • Palpatine001 on 11/09/2016

      Jordan is one of the biggest reasons i resubed he is hot as hell, right up my street and we need him more and more :). Bring him back for special :)

      • dudelover on 12/15/2014

        Jorden is one sexy stud I only wish I could get a good ass smashin from him please can u make some more movies

        • ShyWildBoy on 12/23/2013

          I love watching Jordan totally dominate his scene mates. I like when he "Prison Fucks" his scene mates, roughing them up, pulling their hair, and we need to hear more dirty talk. Yeah, rough up and dominate those boys. Dude you are one hell of an Alpha Male Animal! After treating them like crap, force them to kiss you as you're railing them. If you want, I can hep you practice and prepare for those scenes for several months. Drop bi in Dallas and I can show you how to do it! Once you learn, chicks will like the same treatment. Its a win win win. Merry Christmas bud! SWB

          • barefootboy2013 on 12/10/2013

            Why does Jordan keep his socks on? He took his sock off accidentally one time, but put it back on. BAREFOOT PLEASE!

            • anonymous on 10/09/2013

              Jordan is one of my favorite tops!!!! Bring him back... love how he gets agressive and pounds a power bottom...

              • edhardyboy on 07/31/2013

                any chance to see jordan again ??

                • anonymous on 07/30/2013

                  plz bring jordan back... if he came back id never leave this site!

                  • theringmaster69 on 07/15/2013

                    Wish Jordan would come back now. I bet he even looks better now!

                    • anonymous on 07/09/2013

                      Jordan should come back soon. I ain't never seen a wild freak like him and he seems to love us Boys

                      • Ripple19 on 06/21/2016

                        Any news about Jordan? I miss him. Where he is now?


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