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Straight Guys Get Tricked When No Chicks Show UpAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ej, Bobby Wolff, Giovanni Napoli

The two guys that I brought in to start the shoot were EJ and Bobby. Both had worked with each other before. They were sitting on the couch wondering what was going to happen in the shoot since they had already done so much together already. EJ was the first one to speak up and asked if they were going to get to work with some females finally since I had promised that to them. I told him that he was half right, and so he asked if it was going to be a tranny or something. Waiting to come in the room was Giovanni on the other side of the door when EJ repeated his question. I responded by telling him that Giovanni wasn't a tranny, just a young, gay guy with some flare. Without wasting any time, I called out Giovanni's name for him to come into the room and he came in, taking a seat in between the straight boys. I explained to all three that Giovanni was going to be the bottom bitch boy and he was going to make $1500 for the shoot. The straight guys were going to make $1000 a piece, however, if any of them wanted to try bottoming, I would give them an additional $500. Giovanni said that he could handle them, and kind of put up a challenge for them to bring their A-game. The first thing that I wanted to see was Giovanni suck their dicks to get them hard. Everyone had to strip out of their clothes first. They all stood up to begin with. As the clothes came off, some were wearing pants and others shorts. Once everyone was naked, I gave Giovanni a chance to pick which dick he was going to suck first. He couldn't really decide between the two of them, and so I had him start with Bobby. He got down on the floor in front of Bobby, and with one hand he grabbed the cock and put it in his mouth. As Giovanni gave head to Bobby, Bobby got harder the longer it went on and even started to face fuck Giovanni's mouth. Interrupting them, I had Giovanni move over to EJ, but first I had the straight boys move closer together to make it easier. As Giovanni gave EJ a blow job, Bobby rubbed Giovanni's back and slid his hand all the way down to his ass. Watching Bobby, he squeezed each ass cheek, and touched his asshole before going back to jerking himself off. The straight boys took turns at using Giovanni's mouth as their own personal toy. As soon as it was clear that both of them were ready to fuck, I told them to get the couch ready and put some rubbers on. Everyone had a particular place to be, and once everyone was there we began filming again. The plan was to start with EJ fucking first. He wanted to have Giovanni on his back with his legs in the air. EJ was able to start fucking at a pretty decent speed, and only put about half his dick in to start and then worked up to the whole thing. The two of them kept going and Giovanni seemed to handle the fucking well. It was only after a while that Giovanni thought that he was warmed up and ready to try the monster cock that Bobby had. Bobby got into place and they started fucking, and boy did Giovanni really start to moan and make some noise with that giant cock in his ass. Every once in a while he stuck his hand out to the side in order to hold Bobby back from going so rough. I was kind of surprised that Giovanni couldn't take that much cock, but everyone kind of paused anyway when EJ announced that he wanted to bottom for the extra money that I was offering. That took some adjusting with everyone, and so Giovanni had to get in the doggie-style position. EJ put on a new rubber and then started to fuck Giovanni again to keep his dick hard, but also to get into place. He applied some lube to his ass, and then Bobby was able to move in behind him, and guide his dick in towards EJ's hole. Once Bobby was able to get his cock in about half way all three guys tried to move a little bit, Giovanni just had to stay in one position. The best part was when EJ laid on Giovanni's back and then all three of them were really able to fuck. I got behind Bobby's ass and was able to capture the penetration of two holes at one time. HOT!!! Still there is only so much monster cock that a straight, virgin ass can take before he had to stop. Both straight guys got one more chance to fuck Giovanni in his ass before it was time for the cum shots. EJ was the last one to be fucking, so he pulled out and then all three guys were left stroking their dicks. It was a show down to see who was going to blow their load first of the three of them. After a few minutes it was EJ who shot his load up the middle of Giovanni's stomach. I moved up to see if Bobby would be ready to go, and it was clear to me that Giovanni was keeping a slow speed in order to let Bobby go next. After several minutes, Bobby came on Giovanni's upper chest. The best way to describe it was like a water fountain, it kept going and going, pouring out onto Giovanni. Then, it only took less than a minute before Giovanni finished off the shoot with his cum shot. After that he needed a shower for sure, and the straight guys were ready to get paid.

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