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Benjamin Dover Fucked Until Hes Screaming By Sky Clesi

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Benjamin Dover, Sky Clesi

Benjamin Dover has only had to break in a couple newbies, but Sky Clesi is about to be one of the lucky few as he and Benjamin lounge on the couch and make out. Being more experienced, Benjamin takes the lead, kissing and touching Sky as he teases his cock through his shorts before pulling those off and sucking Sky’s dick and getting him good and hard. Benjamin gets his oral from Sky next as Sky captures Benjamin’s prick in his mouth and sucks it good before turning him over and getting a taste of ass. 

Although Sky doesn’t have any experience eating ass, the way he makes Benjamin moan makes it seem like he’s a natural at rimming as he traces his tongue around Benjamin’s tight hole.  When Benjamin’s ass is dripping wet with Sky’s spit, he stands up and pushes his hard bareback cock inside of him, taking it nice and slow as he goes balls deep in that ass.  Benjamin groans as each deep thrust pushes his ass farther apart, that raw prick filling his hole as Sky gives it to him slow, picking up the pace once Benjamin’s ass is stretched.  Pounding him harder, Benjamin grabs hold of his own member and strokes it as he gets fucked until both these guys shoot a huge load of hot cum!

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