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Benjamin Dover Pounds Liam Andrews Bareback

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Benjamin Dover, Liam Andrews

Ben Dover lets us in on a little secret about how he got into ass play, and now that it’s something he does on the regular, he can’t decide if he really likes topping or bottoming more!  But today, you’ll get to enjoy watching him top Liam Andrews, who pulls down Ben’s shorts and goes right for that dick, sucking and slurping on Ben’s dripping cock as he deepthroats it.  Liam takes his shorts off and strokes himself while he gives Ben oral until Ben pushes Liam onto the bed and grabs his dick with his mouth.  Ben pulls Liam’s meat in and out of his lips and rubs his fingers over his shaft until Ben is ready to be balls deep in some ass, turning Liam over on the bed and pushing his fat prick into Liam’s tight hole. 

Liam’s ass bounces as he takes that rock hard cock and Ben flips him over to fuck him bareback in another position as he wraps his hand around Liam’s neck and destroys that ass!  When Liam turns onto his back to take more pounding from Ben’s raw dick, he rubs his own cock hard and fast while Ben buries himself to the hilt in Liam’s sore hole until he fucks the cum out of Liam.  Ben climbs onto the bed and pushes his cock into Liam’s mouth, making him taste his own ass on Ben’s dick as he sucks him off, cum splattering across Liam’s face as he cleans off Ben’s cock with his mouth.

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