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Nu & Sean Are In This Hot Anal Scene

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Nu, Sean Silva

Nu and Sean both did an oral scene with us a while ago, and they did a good job. Both seemed to do fine at sucking dick, and at the end of that video I asked them if they would consider doing anal in another shoot. I received some hesitation from them about the idea, and left it with them that we would talk about it. My schedule got pretty busy and so I just didn't have time to work on putting the shoot together. Nu kept calling me up trying to get another shoot. I asked him if we could do the anal shoot that we talked about in the video. He said that we could talk about it, just since he had never done anal before. After I got off the phone with him, I had to call Sean and see if he was down for the shoot. We talked a little bit about the shoots that he had done with us, and what he could kind of do coming up. He was open to the idea of doing anal as well, just nervous with it being his first time going all the way with a guy. Both guys showed up at the studio to do the shoot, and hung out while I got everything ready. They took a seat on the couch and we started rolling, and just kind of took off where we ended the last video. In talking about anal and their asses, Nu admitted that his girlfriend had played with his ass on occasion. Both of them have fucked a girl in the ass before, and I explained that a guy is no different. The only catch here is that one of them was going to have to bottom. Nu was the one that quickly said that he was going to be topping. They played each other in a game to see who would do it, and Sean lost. Sean told Nu that he better not make it hurt. I told him that we would all take things slow, and that things would be fine. I had both guys get undress so that we could get started, and they both stood up. Nu is tall, has a great dark tan from being out in the sun, and has a tone body. Sean maybe short, but he works out just as much, and is a white boy for sure. I had the guys start out with jerking each other off, to get them hard in order to do anything. Nu seemed to be getting hard rather quickly and he knew that Sean was nervous. So, he sucked Sean's dick first to get him hard. Sean liked the head, and even talked a little dirty to Nu as he did it. When it was Sean's turn to give the head, I told him to get Nu rock hard for the fucking. He laughed, and I could tell from the sound of his voice that he was getting more nervous. Both guys went back and forth in giving oral to one another, which was good that they were doing it on their own. Changing the couch into a bed, I had the guys get ready for anal. Getting into place Sean got on all fours and Nu got a condom on moving in behind him. I told Nu to make sure that he put lots of lube on his dick and Sean's hole. Then, I told Sean to make sure that he breathed properly to relax as much as he could, and it wouldn't hurt as much. Nu began to press his cock in Sean's asshole, and to my surprise he was able to get inside rather easily. Once he started moving we could tell that Sean was really tight, because his dick wasn't going in as easy. It was just going to take Sean a bit to relax, and I could hear him concentrating on his breathing. He pressed his face into the pillow, and jerked himself off to keep his mind occupied. Nu said that it felt very tight, but it was good. Then, I asked Sean if he liked it, and he said yes to my surprise. I even asked him a second time to make sure. Having Sean flip over onto his back, I wanted to see more of him getting fucked and see if they could get more into the fucking as well. Nu was able to get his dick right back in there and pick up where he left off. I asked Sean if he still liking it, and he told me that it was amazing. That was the sign for Nu to fuck him harder now. Sean proceeded to try and rub and touch Nu's chest, but Nu pushed it aside so it wouldn't get in the way of the camera. Nu put Sean's legs up against his chest and fucked him with his ass in the air. Sean stroked his cock as fast as he could. His body was getting tense, and his face was turning red. I knew that it was only a matter of time before he shot his load. When Sean came, he grunted and made lots of loud noises for the neighbors to hear, and sprayed his load right in the middle of his chest. I told Nu that it was his turn to get off now, and then that's when he told me that he had gotten off in the condom. This was the first time that I had a model get off from the fucking while doing it. Nu squeezed some of the cum out of the condom onto Sean's chest. Both guys did a great job, and I will see about having them back for some more shoots.

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