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Boys All In Whitey Tighties Doing A Threesome

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Jace, Leon, Sean Silva

What will happen next with these three boys? I brought back Jayce, Sean and Leon for another 3way scene. The last time these guys were together Leon had second thoughts, and he was a bit afraid and unsure about doing anal. I had the other two boys fuck while Leon did oral. Since we already been introduced to the boys, I figured I wanted to keep the chat down to a minimum and get to the action right away. I had the boys stand up and get undressed as they all stood in there undies. The boys started off doing oral and each boy took turns sucking each other off. Sean was the first to get down on his knees and started sucking off Jayce & Leon while they stood and got serviced by Sean. The boys really loved having there cocks sucked and you can see all three boys had some great chemistry together. It was really hot to see Sean sucking Jayce and Leon was sucking on Jayce's sensitive nipples. It was now time for them to go into anal so the boys opened up the futon and got ready for Leon's hard cock. I know most of you already have seen Leon fuck on the BTS footage, but this is Leon's actual first time doing anal. Leon placed on his condom and lubed up his cock and Sean was going to be the first to get the dick up his ass, getting on all fours, Leon gently places his hard cock into Sean's tight hole while sucking on Jayce's cock. Leon was really fucking his ass and Sean seemed to be enjoying the moment. Leon flipped Sean over and continued to fuck him and Jayce then bent over and started sucking on Sean's cock. Both Jayce and Leon were really servicing Sean in this really hot 3way. Since he couldn't hold off anymore as Sean came and couldn't control himself, jerking himself off cumming and shooting his cum all over his tummy. Now its Jayce's turn! Jayce lubes up his ass and now Sean is watching at first but then decided to suck on his nipples. In the meanwhile, Leon is fucking Jayce really hard and pounding his tight ass. I don't think Jayce was expecting Leon to fuck him this hard. Then Leon flipped Jayce over and continued to fuck him hard but I guess with all the tight ass and fucking, Leon pulls out of Jayce's ass and pulls off the condom to shoot his load and hot cum all over Jayce's back. Then the boys roll over and Jayce beats his meat giving us another cum shot but then by surprise, Sean cums again! Giving us another cum shot for the scene. This is really a must see and a hot 3way!!

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