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I'm Going To Take It Up The Butt Today

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Jace, Leon, Sean Silva

Sitting in front of me was Sean, Jayce, and Leon all ready to begin a shoot. All the guys knew that they were going to be doing an anal scene together. Both Sean and Jayce had already done an oral scene together. I told Sean that he has always had to bottom in the shoots, and so this time I was going to allow him to top. That meant that either Jayce or Leon was going to have to take one for the team. As for Leon, since he was going to be the little oral boy in the shoot, I told him I would give him $500, however if he did a really good job he could walk away with $600. Jayce said that he didn't really care for anal, but I asked him what it would cost for him to try it. His response was that he wanted $4000 and I told that he was dreaming. He was going to need to give me a reasonable number, and that's when he came up with $2000, which I said that I would do. Then, Sean said that he would top for $800, and even with Sean being straight I think he was just excited to get to top for a change. Since we had everything settled it was time to get the boys undressed. Standing up to take off their clothes, all of them stripped off their shirts, and I was reminded that Jayce was 6'1" and Sean was our shortest at 5'5". Kicking off their shoes, and peeling off the socks, the guys went for the pants as well. Taking a seat in their underwear side by side, and I was going to put some porn on for them to watch. In a unanimous decision, they wanted to see straight porn, so as I was getting that on for them, they stroked their dicks. After about a minute or so, I had them drop their drawers. I pointed out to Leon that Jayce likes to have his nipples played with, licked, sucked. I turned to Jayce and told him that Sean's dick needed sucked, so that he could get hard to fuck him. Of course, Jayce tried to back out of having to do it, but I told him that for $2000 he was going to suck some dick. He laughed turned to his right and put that cock right in his mouth. While he worked on getting it hard, I turned to Leon and told him that he was going to have to get in there and help out, he asked how and I told him to come around to the other side. Sean's dick was big enough for two mouths to fit on it, so the boys took turns sucking on it, and Sean reached over and jerked Jayce off while he was getting head. Sean paused to ask when he was going to get to have any fun, and that's when I told him that he could just stand up. When he did his boner was bouncing in front of Sean's face ready to be sucked. Sean was happy to return the oral, and I looked over and Jayce on his way down to suck Sean's dick some more. They were getting better about interacting without being told. Leon grabbed Sean by the hair and directed him on the speed to suck, and in watching just those two interacting was hot. The plan was to get Jayce to relax as much as possible before a dick was going to go deep in his tight asshole. I asked Leon to come around to the side and play with Jayce's nipples, and so he did licking each one, biting them and Jayce's face showed that he was enjoying it. Moving the guys along, I told Sean that I would pay him the $1000, if he would rim Jayce's ass, thinking about it for only a few seconds he said he would do it. When I ask Jayce if he had ever been rimmed before, he said that his girlfriend tried it once. Opening up the futon, Jayce assumed the position and as Sean got started, Jayce started to relax more and push his ass in Sean's face to get him to go deeper. Using both hands Sean opened up the ass, in order to get his tongue really in there. As Jayce was getting rimmed, his mouth was busy sucking on Leon's cock. The more that Jayce got turned on the faster that he seemed to suck. I went back to Sean and asked if he thought that Jayce was ready to get fucked, and his response was that Jayce was too tight. However, maybe with some fingering that would get him to loosen up. With a lubed up finger, Sean started to insert it in and after only about an inch Jayce seemed to experience the discomfort. I just kept having Sean use lots of lube to help make it easier for movement, but he was being very careful. Every once in a while Jayce would moan more, but he did concentrate on the oral which seemed to work. Sean got his cock hard and with that very slow movement he got his dick all the way in, and I told Sean to move very slowly until Jayce starts to relax. As Sean tried to pull more and more dick out at a time Jayce started to have more of a reaction. Watching Sean's huge monster cock sliding in Jayce's virgin hole that was tight as hell, making it stretch to allow the cock to go inside deeper. Jayce started to sound more and more like a bottom as he let out the moans and groans from getting fucked. After a couple minutes of letting them continue, I asked for them to change position and have Jayce on his back. The boys worked as a team to get going again, with all of them helping out it didn't take long for them to get started back up. Jayce rolled up in a ball with his feet in the air, his mouth full of cock, and his ass being poked with a cock. Leon was holding Jayce's legs up while he was getting his cock sucked. Sean was in the back doing the poking to Jayce's ass, and doing a good job I may add. At this point Sean was able to pull out more easily now, and they were all very hot to watch. When I looked up to get Leon's reaction to the fucking he was sucking on Jayce's toes. At this rate the boys were all very horny and it was sooner than later that one of them was going to pop his load. My guess was that it was going to be Leon from face fucking Jayce, or Sean from all the fucking. Sean let out that he was about to cum, he quickly pulled out, shot his load right on Jayce's balls. It was so thick and white that it reminded me of glue, and everyone laughed when they looked. Jayce was there in the middle and he was next to shoot his load, when he came he shot right onto his stomach. After that he was completely relaxed and just had to stay in the position a little while longer. Leon was very last to go as he pumped his cock pretty fast at this point, when he did cum, his load squirted all the way down to Jayce's cock, and of course got some on Jayce's face. After all was said and done Jayce was drenched in cum, and it was time to talk to Leon about anal. I asked if he would consider doing it for the price that Jayce got. His response was a definite yes, and he was willing going to bottom if he could have some time to practice. I told him I would send him home with homework and some toys. The guys were ready to hit the showers and collect their money for their hard work.

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