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Benjamin Dover Punish Fucks Drake Tyler Tight Straight Ass

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Drake Tyler, Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover is ready to go easy on Drake Tyler, but when Drake asks for it rough and hard today, Benjamin isn’t about to refuse him of that!  They press their bodies together as they kiss, taking off their shirts and pushing their bare chests against each other while they make out.  Benjamin gets Drake’s pants off and goes for that dick, sucking it and getting it hard while Drake moans and watches him take that cock down his throat. Benjamin stands up and gets some amazing oral from Drake who deepthroats that dick and chokes on it, his eyes watering as Benjamin’s massive cock hits the back of his throat.

When these guys are hard and horny as fuck from all that cock sucking, Drake bends over in front of the window and Benjamin fills him up with his prick, fucking him deep and raw, his balls slapping against Drake’s taint as he takes that cock. They move it over to the bed and Benjamin tops Drake hard and rough, slamming into that ass doggy style and then flipping him over and spreading those legs, wrapping his hand around Drake's throat and getting deep in that ass until both these studs bust a nut, covering Drake in loads of cum!

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