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Benjamin Gets A Birthday Fuck From Damien Nichols

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Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols

It’s Benjamin Dover’s birthday and for his present we’ve given him newbie Damien Nichols as his scene partner, so Benjamin gets to help us break in this fresh meat!  They make out and Benjamin tells Damien to get down and suck his cock and of course the new guy gives in, taking Benjamin’s meat in his mouth and massaging that cock with his lips and tongue.  But next it’s Benjamin’s turn to show off his oral skills as he goes down on Damien, taking that meat deep down his throat and sucking on Damien’s balls as he gets him hard. 

When it’s time to fuck, Benjamin bends over, ass in the air and ready to get pounded as Damien slowly pushes his cock inside of him, filling him up with that raw dick.  Benjamin buries his face in the bed as Damien fucks him hard, trying a different position while Benjamin’s ass stretches around Damien’s thick member.  Benjamin turns onto his back and Damien shoves that bareback cock in and out of his tight ass, making Benjamin moan with pleasure as he hits just the right spot in his sensitive ass and makes Benjamin nut all over himself!  Damien gets a few more deep thrusts in before pulling out and covering Benjamin in cum!

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