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Benjamin Dover Dominates Dillon's Asshole

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Benjamin Dover, Dillon Anderson

Benjamin Dover kisses Dillon Anderson’s neck while Dillon undresses, and once his clothes are off Ben gets his mouth on that cock and sucks that sweet dick.  With Ben’s expert tongue it’s not long until Dillon’s soldier is standing at attention, and then it’s his turn to give Ben some head.  Dillon works that cock until it’s so big that he can barely fit his hand around it, and when Ben’s thick member is throbbing for some ass he picks Dillon up, puts him on the bed and pushes that prick deep inside of him. 

As Dillon’s ass stretches around that huge dick Ben gives it to him harder, raw and deep, making Dillon moan as Ben pumps him full of hard cock, taking that tight ass from every angle.  Dillon plays with himself while Ben fucks him, kissing as Ben shoves his bareback dick in and out of Dillon’s hole until he pounds the cum out of him, pulls out and shoots his own load onto Dillon’s cock and abs, giving Dillon a little taste before going to get cleaned up!

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