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Brenden Steel Fucks Benjamin Dover BarebackAdd Movie to your Favorites
Benjamin Dover, Brenden Steel

Ben Dover takes a minute to admire Brenden Steel’s sexy biceps before he plants a few kisses on them, working his way up to Brenden’s ear and teasing it with his tongue before pushing Brenden’s face toward Ben’s cock.  Ben pulls his boxers down and lets Brenden get a good taste of that meat, and Brenden sucks that dick and strokes it with his hand before standing up and offering his big cock to Ben. Ben licks and sucks that fat shaft, running his tongue along Brenden’s cock and balls and choking on that thick member as Brenden pushes it farther down Ben’s throat. 

Ben’s expert oral skills have Brenden’s prick throbbing for some tight ass and Ben gives his up, letting Brenden penetrate him with his bareback dick.  Ben groans as Brenden gets deep in his ass, pounding him from behind and then pushing him onto the bed and bearing down on that ass while he pushes Ben’s face into the bed. Ben loves it a little rough and Brenden gives it to him, fucking him raw while Ben jerks his own dick and then Brenden pulls out and gives Ben a facial, getting back inside that ass to let Ben finish as he strokes out a huge load!

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