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Benjamin Dover Fucks Jared Marzdon Raw

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Benjamin Dover, Jared Marzdon

Jared Marzdon goes right in for a kiss with Ben Dover, meeting his lips as they make out for a while before Jared works his way down to Ben’s dick, unleashing that massive cock and taking it in his mouth.  Ben watches as Jared works that dick, deepthroating his fat cock and then standing up to let Ben get a mouthful of his sweet prick next!  Ben sucks Jared’s cock and runs his tongue along Jared’s shaft and down to his balls, giving Jared oral just the way he likes it as he gets hard in no time.  When it’s time to fuck, Jared tries to sit on Ben’s huge dick but it’s just too much for him so he bends over on all fours and lets Ben push that cock in nice and slow, giving Jared’s ass time to stretch around that monster of a dick! 

But once Ben is deep inside Jared’s tight ass he can’t take it slow for much longer, he wants to fuck and he takes Jared’s ass hard and raw, pounding him while Jared shouts in pleasure…and probably some pain!  They try another position and Jared takes that dick a little easier with each second until he’s stroking out a big load with Ben’s member still deep inside of him.  Ben pulls out and jerks his cock into Jared’s mouth, shooting his cum into his open mouth and then finishing off the scene with a quick kiss!

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