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Benjamin Dover Jerks Off

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Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover just flew in and he’s ready to make some money, but he admits that he’s pretty nervous to be on camera. When we talk him through his nerves a bit he starts to relax and it’s just a little easier for him when he closes his eyes and touches himself, grabbing his cock and slowly massaging it as he gets the blood flowing!  He lies back on the bed and works that big dick, stroking it up and down as it grows harder and longer in his hands.  He gets up and kneels on the bed, striking some very sexy poses as he masturbates, playing with that fat cock like he’s not on camera, his nerves completely gone as he jerks it harder and faster, getting close to coming.  When he’s ready to drain his cock he gives that dick a few more good pumps and unleashes a huge load all over the bed!

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