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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"Cant we do this with a girl?"

Our comments:

"Leon is a 19 year old, straight boy with a very tone, lean upper body, with a washboard stomach, pecs, and back muscles that stood out."

Producer comments:

"Leon liked to watch some bondage and feet videos. Kinky lil devil. :)"

  • Teenage Straight Guy Orgy

    Scott, Leon and Ryan are on the futon to suck and fuck. Watch Ryan introduce a trick that has never been seen before on BSB!

  • Both Teen Guys Are 19 & Do Gay Porn

    Scott and Leon are on the futon today in a hot oral scene. What will these broke straight boys do for cash.

  • Dance Fuck Like Straight White Men

    Three hot boys fuck. Ashton, Preston and Leon flip flop fuck and suck cock. Find out about Ashton being sprung wanking off.

  • Straight Porn Helps Me Do Gay Porn

    Zakk, Preston and Leon are all back. I offer all of them more money to bottom and if all of them want to bottom then they will all make more money.

  • I Grow Pot, Do Gay Porn & Live Good

    Leon grows legal pot and does gay porn to help his business. Leon and Preston do their anal scene and I made a deal with them to pay them more of they flip flop.

  • I Sell Marijuana & Do Gay Porn

    Leon's has his own marijuana business in Colorado. We loved helping our entrepreneurs out so he is here to make some extra money to help with his business.

  • I Do Massages & Blowjobs

    Leon and Gino are in this scene together. Gino does back massages and delivers pizza to make money. Let's see what he is willing to do to pay the bills.

  • It's My Birthday & I Did Gay Porn

    It's Tyler's birthday and one of the members got him a cake. His cake had him naked on it. So to celebrate I put him with Leon so they can fuck.

  • No Way Am I Going To Bottom No Sir

    John still refuses to bottom but you know what's going to happen there will be a point where he will need to decide to bottom or not because there is only so much we can do with him.

  • 2010 Denver Pride

    The boys are at the 2010 Denver Pride.

  • I Like Going Down On Girls Not Guys

    John told us he really didn't like sucking cock last time and would rather go down on a pussy. I also asked him if he would kiss and he said no. Let me see what I can get him to do.

  • My Ass Is Tighter Than Virgin Mary

    This is Leon's cherry popping. Leon told us he has never had anything in his ass. He told us he is tighter than the virgin mary. Some of the things these guys say lol. They will do everything but kiss lol.

  • Gonna Gangbang The Straight Guy

    I bring in JJ but I have a big surprise for him. He has been having a hard time getting hard to I told him I would pay him $2,500 to get gangbanged by 3 of our other guys.

  • My Sex Life With Girls Improved

    Mike said his sex life with girls has improved ever since doing gay porn. It is always interesting when it comes to straight guys and what they will do to make money.

  • Gay Porn Paid For My College Degree

    Leon is back and I asked him what he has been doing with his money and he told us he has been using it for college. This is John's second scene so we are going to take it slow and have him do oral.

  • Girlfriend Has No Clue I Suck Cock

    Leon still has not sucked a cock or had his cocked sucked by another guy. I bring in Tyler to help assist with this. Let's see how Tyler helps Leon with going further with another guy.

  • Pull Down The Whitey Tighties Boys

    Sean, Leon and Jayce carpooled to get here so I guess they are going green. They all took off their clothes and all had on whitey tighties. Let see who bottoms and who tops.

  • I'm Straight & I'm A Butt Virgin

    Jayce, Sean and Leon are in this threesome scene together. I try to see who is willing to bottom. These straight guys are funny with what they will do and what they won't.

  • So Where Are The Girls Again?

    We get Leon warmed up and ready for action in this solo. He has a very nice body and is straight. Came to use because he needs money.

  • Sean And Leon Sex In Hotel Room

    Watch Scott and Leon having sex in a hotel room in Orlando Florida.

  • Gay Days At Walt Disney World

    Leon and Scott joined us for this event. After a fun day at Disney World, it was time to head over to the Parliament house and entertain everyone. Leon and Scott were a big hit at this event.

  • Scott And Leons Interview

    Check out Scott and Leons interview with Sha.

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      • egghaut on 06/24/2015

        He indeed was excellent you should convince him to return and fuck bareback with the guys of your current team

        • newingtonmattt on 09/11/2013

          I miss that hottie Leon!

          • gawggawg on 09/12/2012

            What happen to Leon? Plse bring him back for more with some of the new guys