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John Still Won't Try Bottoming But We Will Keep Trying

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John, Leon, Gino

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back John and Leon. John is still relatively new at BSB while Leon is turning into one of our more regular guys. They have been in a couple of shoots together, previously it was John's first time topping another guy so today, I'm going to introduce them to another model and take the fucking to a new level. John confirmed that he was still straight while Leon is fairly versatile. I explained that they would be having a third model join them today and that both he and Leon would be bottoming and topping with John just topping. I introduced Gino, one of our newer models who is bi and has worked with Leon before. Right away, I could see all three guys were immediately comfortable with each other and I knew that this was going to be a great shoot. With the guys happy with $800 each plus the promise of a bonus if they did an outstanding job, I got the boys to strip right down. With some bi porn playing, I gave the boys free rein, letting the shoot progress naturally and as such, Gino leaned over and took Leon's cock in his mouth even as he wrapped a hand around John's dick. Barely a minute into it, Leon stood up, telling Gino to get on his knees and suck his cock while John stood beside Leon, Gino's head bobbing as he alternated between sucking on each hard cock. Gino was sucking dick like a pro, Leon impressed when Gino fed both cocks into his mouth at once. It was time for Gino to get a mouth on his dick, both Leon and John dropping to their knees, Leon working hard on Gino's cock while John jerked Leon off. John swooped down for a turn at sucking on Gino's cock and although, oral isn't his thing, John sucked and licked the head while Leon mouthed Gino's balls. The futon pulled out and condom on, John had a little trouble slipping into Gino's tight asshole as they started fucking doggie style, Gino deep throating Leon's cock. As soon as his hard dick was in, John fucked Gino fast and hard, Gino moaning for more almost immediately as he choked on Leon's shaft. They switched to Gino laying on his back, Leon straddling his cock while John jerked off next to Gino's face. Leon was made to go slow, gently rocking himself on the hard cock until he was firmly seated. Once that hard dick was all the way in his ass, Leon rode Gino like a cowboy, his expression showing just how much he had come to love cock up his ass, all the while, Leon worked hard on John's dick. Soon enough though, John was repaying the favour, his straight boy lips wrapped around the head of Leon's cock, Leon demanding that Gino fuck him harder. It was clear that Leon was moments from coming, so I suggested that he fuck Gino. With Gino on his back, legs on Leon's shoulders, it was time for Gino to get a hard work out. Leon fucked him with long, deep strokes, Gino begging for more while John helped out, pushing Leon harder into Gino. It was obvious that Leon was going as hard as possible and Gino was loving every minute of it. Gino was moaning so much, John had to feed him some cock to shut him up. John and Leon were treating Gino like their personal bitch, Gino's every moan only encouraging them on. I don't think I've seen Leon fuck so hard for so long, all the while, John was leaning over Gino, face fucking him and still, Gino was begging for more. This was turning into a hardcore shoot. Leon pulled out for a moment's rest before starting round two. John's cock back in Gino's mouth, Leon kept fucking like a demon until Gino came, still with a dick up his ass, his cum spurting over his stomach and screaming like a bitch. And still, Leon kept going, John sitting to one side, jerking himself off as he watched. Both John and Leon came at the same time, their cum splashing over Gino's chest, mixing in together. This was one fucking hot shoot and it shouldn't be missed by anyone.

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