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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 130
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.5/5

In his own words:

"I am mostly a loaner in life and keep to myself, but with loosing a lot of weight, I wanted to try something new to gain my confidence."

Our comments:

"Leo is a bit quit and kept to himself but within a few days, he opened up and he is funny, smart and is very ambitious."

  • Nico William Leo After The Scene

    William is breathing hard after his workout fucking both boys, while Leo and Nico are also worn out from the fucking and sucking. They all three earn big bucks and a shower after that scene.

  • Threesome Orgy Suck, Fuck Bareback Flip

    What else are you going to do when naked next to two other guys? Fuck 'em, obviously. Leo and Nico both take it up the ass while giving it to each other as well in the sexy return of the threesome.

  • Nico William Leo Before The Scene

    Leo's threesome premier was last time on BSB, and he's back again for another three-way cock sucking. William never bottoms, and Nico is a great switch. The three broke boys find themselves in a perfect combo.

  • Leo And William After The Scene

    It was hot and humid in the FLorida woods, as always. Leo and William saw some lizards and each other's snakes before sucking and fucking in the wilderness. It was Leo's first time with a rush like this.

  • Outdoor Suck And Fuck

    Off for the day, the boys go hiking in the woods. There's no one around, and they are covered by the lush Florida forest, allowing them all the privacy in the world to be their own wild selves, which for Leo and William, means blowing their loads.

  • Leo And William Before The Scene

    Even though William doesn't enjoy dick sucking, his skills have improved a ton. Unfortunately, not all the models showed up, so they get a day off to enjoy the Florida sunshine. Who knows, maybe the urge to play will strike these sexy young men.

  • Nico And Leo After The Porn Scene

    The boys earned the max amount with their stunning display of cock sucking and cumming. But they won't blow thier cash on fun, like they blew their loads.

  • Nico's First Time As A Top

    Nico's gentle dominance is on full display as he fucks Leo with intent. His huge, barely-legal cock fills Leo's ass and enjoys every second of his tight hole.

  • Nico & Leo Before The Porn Scene

    He's fresh at 18 years old, and gets to top for the very first time. Nico and Leo prepare for their next scene and chance to earn some big cash. If thier ametuer nerves don't get the best of them!

  • Leo Chris Darron After The Scene

    Three sweaty, sexy and naked boys lay on the bed awaiting a well-earned dinner. The menage a trois was perhaps one of the sexiest things to come out of the studio since, well, the last one!

  • Hot Raw Threesome With Hot Boys

    A devilish threesome of three sex-crazed fuck boys. Leo is a dedicated toy for Chris and Darron's pleasure as he takes cock from all sides. The three will make you harder than ever before as they fuck their way to some well-earned cash raw.

  • Leo Chris Darron Before The Scene

    Already getting his partners hard for the next scene, Leo rubs down his co-stars as they debate which orgasms are best. Without any discussion, however, the three are ready to take their roles as bottom, versatile, and top for the threesome.

  • Leo And Kade After The Scene

    Happy, sweaty, and eager to hear what their performance earned them, Kade and Leo lay exhausted on the bed. Figuring out their niches and favorite positions the two are super content with the effort they came with today.

  • The New Guys Fucking

    What a treat to see these two sexy newcomers fuck their way into the industry. Kade and Leo are ready to one-up themselves. Members will want to watch until the very end when these straight boys give it their all to earn the full amount of cash.

  • Leo And Kade Before The Scene

    How will Leo take Kade's big, thick dick as bottom? And what about Kade's inclination for sex - will he be able to fuck the way he wants? The two are ready to aim for $1200 a piece to find out.

  • Darron And Leo After The Scene

    Leo King's first scene was not exactly what he thought it would be. He still did a great job taking some big dick and getting comfortable with fucking guys for a healthy payday.

  • Leo First Time Bottoming

    It's hard for a straight guy to bottom - especially when he has to take Darron's huge dick. This member-turned-model is ready to take the challenge and run with it.

  • Darron And Leo Before The Scene

    Darron has done a great job orienting the new kids on the block. It's no different for Leo King who sucks his very first dick in this Behind the Scenes.

  • Leo And Chris After The Scene

    Leo's first time topping was a great success. Even though it was a bit choppy, he did a really great job and is ready to give it another try. Chris's cumshot was nice and creamy, while Leo the vegetarian's was more of a rookie style. The only thing that m

  • My First Time Topping

    Chris always gets to top, but this is going to be different. Will Leo enjoy the new arrangement? And will Chris finally be convinced that it is fun to get fucked in the ass?

  • Leo And Chris Before The Scene

    We learn a little more about Leo King today, somethings that weren't covered in his Getting to Know video. And Chris Star is back as yet another broke boy ready to fuck for some cash.

  • Getting To Know Leo King

    Slightly nervous, Leo King is bi curious and in need to make some money. The perfect combo for a new Broke Straight Boy recruit. Meet the newest boy, fresh faced and here to explore himself.

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  • anonymous on 10/16/2022

    Such a hot guy. Seems really nice too.