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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.59/5

In his own words:

"I love anything with the outdoors like hiking and camping. I almost didn't come here because I was so nervous but I'm glad I did."

Our comments:

"Ronan is a very easy going young man. Very down to earth, quiet personality. We hope to see him back soon!"

  • Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback 03-05-2017

    Flip is ready to start the scene, but he doesn't know what he's in for...he's about to get his ass dominated by Ronan's huge dick as he gets fucked raw!

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Issac Lin Raw 01-20-2017

    Watch the sexy Ronan Kennedy take Issac Lin raw after they get each other hard with some hot foreplay!

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens 01-06-2017

    Gage Owens gets a true fucking in this episode. It doesn't take long for these studs to get each other hard before Ronan bareback's Gage's tight ass!

  • Outtakes With Ronan & Gage Owens 01-06-2017

    Get to know the funny side of these guys in the blooper outtakes of Ronan Kennedy and Gage Owens before their fuck scene "Ronan Kennedy Fucking Gage Owens".

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Shawn Andrews 12-23-2016

    Sexy Ronan is back with Shawn Andrews and Ronan pushes Shawn to his limit with that huge dick! Hope you all enjoy the cock sucking, rimming and hardcore fucking this scene has to offer!

  • Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy 12-16-2016

    Tanner and Ronan each get the chance to take each other's huge dick in their ass, and we know you'll enjoy watching these guys struggle to take those big cocks!

  • Jared Marzdon Fucks Ronan Kennedy 12-04-2016

    Ronan gets his ass stretched by Jared's bareback meat in this sexy scene! Enjoy watching these two guys explode on each other.

  • Rowan And Ronan Fuck Raw 11-27-2016

    Today we have Ronan Kennedy along with the new guy Rowan Adams. We hope you enjoy this hardcore condom-free scene!

  • Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy 11-20-2016

    Antonio gets his chance to take on Ronan's huge cock, and after he shoves as much of that dick in his mouth as he can, he bends Ronan over and fucks him hard!

  • Ronan Kennedy And Zach Covington 11-04-2016

    Zach and Ronan don't waste time with small talk, they get right to the good stuff, sucking and fucking until they both cum!

  • Haunted Halloween Straight Talk 10-31-2016

    Happy Halloween. After a long day of shooting the boys relax and spend some time having some straight talk with Sha.

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Lj Richards 10-23-2016

    It's LJ's first encounter with Ronan's huge dick, and although they get warmed up with some oral nothing can prepare LJ for the sore ass he's about to have!

  • Ronan Kennedy And Junior Fernandez 10-16-2016

    Ronan is back in the studio with Junior, and these guys are ready to get it on. They have some fun with cock-sucking before Junior's ass get stretched by Ronan's huge dick!

  • Ronan Kennedy And Oliver Saxon 10-02-2016

    Ronan takes Oliver rough and raw as these guys fuck until Oliver ends up with an ass full of cum!

  • Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy 09-09-2016

    We've got the sexy and suave Ronan back in the studio and have paired him with easygoing Kaden to help him ease back into things. We hope you enjoy watching these two flip fuck and finish with some facials!

  • Catching Up With Ronan Kennedy 09-06-2016

    Even though it has been a couple of years since his last scene with us, Ronan has continued to remain amongst the top 10 most popular models of all time with BSB. We're lucky to have this guy back in the studio to see what he's been up to!

  • Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Raw 04-19-2015

    Who's got the bigger dick, Tyler White or Ronan Kennedy? Watch as these boys settle the debate by getting each other hard then getting each other off!

  • Ronan Kennedy And Ian Dempsey 04-05-2015

    Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey...both well endowed and both horny as fuck! Watch these boys tackle each other's fat cocks as they fuck and suck and cum!

  • Cage Kafig And Ronan Kennedy Raw 03-27-2015

    Cage Kafig doesn't hold back when Ronan Kennedy gets to bottom! He takes Ronan for all he's worth as he fucks him raw!

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Ryan Fields Raw 03-22-2015

    Ryan Fields is back, and today he's in for a treat as he's about to get his ass stretched by Ronan Kennedy's infamous cock! We're sure his ass will sore for a couple days after this scene...

  • Brody Lasko And Ian Dempsey Orgy 10-17-2014

    Brody Lasko and Ian Dempsey make a bet and whoever loses owes the winner some oral…but somehow that simple bet turns into a full blown orgy and so much fucking and sucking ensues!

  • David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy 10-08-2014

    David Hardy is the newbie who needs some relief and cash, and what better way than having sex with the super sexy and well endowed Ronan Kennedy? In this hot scene watch Ronan & David cum so hard...

  • Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko Oral 09-28-2014

    Newbie Brody Lasko and Ronan Kennedy stick to cock-sucking in this hot scene! Ronan shows Brody the ropes of how to make a guy cum with your mouth, and Brody isn't afraid to try it out!

  • Outtakes: Getting To Know The Boys 09-20-2014

    Join Paul Canon, Dimitri Thomas, Jake Tipton, Blake Bennet, Ian Dempsey, and Ronan Kennedy as they discuss what the porn lifestyle is like, and who they like, or dislike, in the house. Drama!

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan Kennedy 09-19-2014

    Ayden Troy is back, but this time to show Ronan what its like to take a dick in the ass. He is a gentle-man at first, but gets more rough as Ronan gets into it...

  • Conner Chesney And Ronan Kennedy 09-17-2014

    In today's update sexy Connor is back with the newbie Ronan Kennedy. Connor shows Ronan the ropes, but gets it back in this HOT flip scene.

  • The New Boys 07-26-2014

    There are some newbies in the BSB house and we show it all! From them being picked up at the airport to them having fun at the mansion. Learn more about Blake, Dimitri, Paul, Jake, and Ronan as they take a dive in the pool, reveal more about themselves..

  • Sergio Valen And Ronan Kennedy Flip 07-18-2014

    Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy are both a little nervous about taking a dick, but once they get to fucking and sucking they both seem to enjoy themselves!

  • Big Dick Contest 07-12-2014

    There are some newbies in the BSB house and we show it all! From them being picked up at the airport to them having fun at the mansion. Learn more about Blake, Dimitri, Jake, and Ronan as they take a dive in the pool and reveal more about themselves.

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw 07-11-2014

    Ronan Kennedy and Jake Tipton are still pretty new, but these boys have enough skill to make them a super hot combination as Ronan fucks Jake bareback!

  • Ronan Kennedy: An Interview 06-21-2014

    Get to know BSB's newest hunk Ronin. Although he's a quiet, shy guy, Ronan reveals a lot about his past and present. Learn who gave him his best blow job ever, which BSB model took his huge dick the best, and all about his new alter ego--Ronan.

  • Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle 06-18-2014

    Ronan Kennedy is about to stick his massive dick into a guy's ass for the very first time, and lucky Damien is the one who gets to bottom for that huge cock! Watch as these delicious boys have some dirty fun!

  • Paul Canon And Ronan Kennedy 06-06-2014

    Paul Canon is about to show Ronan Kennedy how to go down on a guy and do it right! Ronan's a little hesitant at first…but Paul's in for a surprise as this first-timer takes that dick in his mouth!

  • Introducing Ronan Kennedy 05-28-2014

    We've got some fresh meat for you! Help us welcome Ronan Kennedy, he's new to Broke Straight Boys and this well-slung Irish stud is ready to stroke one out for your viewing pleasure!

Comments - Member's Only

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  • tyler1936 on 02/16/2018

    I thought Ronan was so hot before but after he was knifed by his BF I am looking at all his videos again and find him even more exciting. His body and that beautiful cock and seeing him top or bottom is so hot. Wonder if you will ever come back, think it would be the video of all time at BSB!!!

    • neofight77 on 01/28/2019

      I couldn't agree with you more, tyler1936! He's like a fine wine and gets better with each passing day. And, the knife attack is a shockingly horrifying incident. The fact that he survived it at all is a miracle and I'm so thankful he did. I'm just really bummed he's been MIA from the website and, if that's the reason, I'm selfishly even more distraught.

    • share1 on 02/01/2018

      Good. I want him in bed.

      • Hockeyman39 on 09/02/2017

        Hey Ronan I love ya too man! My favorite scene is with Zach Covington where you shot your load on his back and then SHOVED it back in him to clean it off and come more! I LOVE the bareback scenes!

        • jefftt6356 on 08/14/2017

          Love Ronan when will he be bacl

          • GotMe1 on 04/01/2017

            I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

            • jared08er on 06/09/2016

              Where is Rowan!? Will he ever be back?

              • bicurious38 on 04/20/2016

                Where is Ronan what's he up to these days??

                • raymondo on 02/16/2016

                  WHERE IS HE

                  • dtv24681 on 02/14/2016

                    Ronin was spectacular so sexy gentle & innocent. He makes me wish that I had one😎 the filming could be better meaning show more asses feet & facial expressions, but good job Ronin & Connor.

                    • MihaelKeehl on 01/12/2016

                      Any chance he'll return? He's honestly among the best models this site has ever seen.


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